SmaSo-X Challenge Project 2023 Research Grants Awarded to Graduate Student

SmaSo-X Challenge Project 2023 for Graduate Student Research Grant

SmaSo is pleased to announce the recipients of the AY2023 SmaSo-X Graduate Student Research Grant. 

This initiative is aimed at graduate students engaged in interdisciplinary research with a focus on fostering research activities that lead to social implementation and international expansion. For this year, five students were selected for this grant. Each of whom will be awarded a research grant of approx. 300,000 yen, totaling 1.3 million yen.

We congratulate those five recipients and look forward to their innovative and progressive research.


List of Grantees

Name Year Research Title
MASUDA KAZUSHI Master 1st year Monitoring of rare organisms and livestock infectious disease viruses by airborne nucleic acid (eNAir) detection
ISLAM MACD ZAHIDUL Master 1st year Improvement of maternal health through communication and information on nutrition
using smartphone app
SHAO YIFEI Doctor 1st year Interface Design by Complex Metal Hydride Electrolytes for All-Solid-State Batteries
MORHAF ALJBER Doctor 1st year Optimal array design of tidal and offshore wind turbines in the Seto Inland Sea using large eddy simulation (LES) with adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) and environmental impact assessment
JIN YUKAI Doctor 1st year A deep learning approach to analyze future urban emission pathways