Research Poster Session (Degree Thesis Interim Report) for the second semester of 2023

As an opportunity to promote exchange among research areas and to report research results, the Graduate School has decided to hold research poster sessions for the interim thesis presentations.

The first session, for the fall semester of AY2023, was held on March 25, 2024, at the Phoenix International Center MIRAI CREA, and 10 master's students who entered in April 2023 gave poster presentations. Around 50 students and faculty members participated in this poster session and enthusiastically exchanged their opinions. After the poster presentations, the award ceremony was held to present the Best Poster Award and Excellence Poster Award, which were selected by a panel of judges from each six research fields of our graduate school, and the Audience Award, which was selected by student voting,. Prof. Idaku Ishii, the Dean of graduate school, delivered comments after giving the award.

The awardees' posters will be displayed in the lobby on the first floor of the International Cooperation Studies Building until the end of April.

Award Awardee Poster Title
Best Poster Award Masuda Kazushi Molecular Monitoring of Wild Bear Distribution Using Environmental DNAs
 Excellent Poster Award Nesma Mohamed Ezzat Ahmed Enhancing Activities of Daily Living (ADL): Smartphone-Driven Markerless Motion Capture for Accurate Biomechanical Assessment
Xu Zeokong Basic Research on Recycling Nylon 6 Using Hydrothermal Liquefaction Conditions
Audience Poster Award Cui Zhiyan The Impact of 'Double Reduction' Policy on Education Enterprises' Performance