Announcement of Application Guide for Admission for Enrollment October 2014 for Phoenix Leader Education Program

We opened the Application Guide for Admission for Enrollment October 2014 for Phoenix Leader Education Program (Hiroshima Initiative) for Renaissance from Radiation Disaster.

Please check the program website and Application Guide about the details.

Phoenix Leader Education Program website (

Selection Method etc.

(1) First Selection (Documentary Examination)

The Application Documents applicants have submitted will be evaluated.Applicants shall be notified of the results of the first selection via e-mail by Jan. 27 (Mon.), 2014 .

(2) Second Selection (Oral Examination etc.):

Date: Feb. 8 (Sat.) and Feb. 9 (Sun.), 2014

Venue: Hiroshima University Kasumi Campus (Hiroshima City)

The examination camp will be held for one night and two days.Applicants will take the following exams:

Ÿ Oral examinations to evaluate the aptitude for this program (basic scholastic ability, qualities in becoming a leader, linguistic ability etc.)

Ÿ Oral examinations based on essays applicants have submitted

Ÿ Written examinations (in the case of necessity)

Detailed information of date and venue will be sent to the applicant separately.

(3) Admission Decision

a) The results of the documentary examination, oral examinations and written examinations etc. will be evaluated to determine successful applicants.

b) Applicants will be selected based on the following criteria:

 motivation for the program, aptitude to the field, and basic scholarship

(4) Announcement of Successful Applicants : expected at 10 a.m. on Mar. 7 (Fri.), 2014

A list of the ID numbers of accepted applicants will be put on Phoenix Leader Education Program website

No telephone enquiries regarding admission shall be accepted.

Financial Support for Students

Students enrolled in the Phoenix Leader Education Program will receive the following financial support: If a student withdraws from this program before completion, the financial support shall be discontinued at the time of the student’s withdrawal.

(1) Free student housing (limited for students who apply for residence at accommodations designated by the university and whose application is accepted.)

(2) Scholarship without repayment requirement (from 180,000 yen to 200,000 yen / month: estimated)

*Note1: Students who are receiving other scholarships etc. may not be able to receive (2). (Japanese Government Scholarship Students and other students who receive scholarships must select whether to receive (2) or their existing scholarship.)

*Note 2: Students who receive the scholarship without repayment requirement are obliged to dedicate themselves to this program. In this regard, in principle, such students are not allowed to engage in part-time jobs, etc.

*Note 3: The amount of the scholarship without repayment requirement is revised every semester, based on the evaluations, such as academic performance and progress toward the completion of the program.

*Note 4: Based on the university’s regulations, there are cases where the amount of the scholarship without repayment requirement may be reduced or the provision of the scholarship may be suspended.

(3) Financial support for doing research, giving a presentation at an academic conference, participating in an internship program abroad, and promoting other efforts to complete this program will be provided within the amount set by this program.

Entrance Costs

(1) Admission Fee: 282,000 yen

(2) Tuition Fee: 535,800 yen (per year)

a) Students who do not receive scholarships will receive the following financial support:

(1) Exemption from the admission fee

(2) Exemption from the tuition fee

b) If the entrance fee is paid it will not be returned for any reason.

c) The amount of money mentioned above in (1) and (2) is as of April, 2013.

If there is an amendment to the cost during school entrance, and enrollment, the money paid after the change will be supplied.

Inquiries and Submission

Collaboration Office of the Education and International Office, Hiroshima University

E-mail: phoenix-program(AT) Please change (AT) to @ to send the mail.

K402, 1-1-1 Kagamiyama, Higashi-Hiroshima, 739-8524, JAPAN