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About IGS

Study integrated arts and sciences in Hiroshima, Japan

Students from all over the globe will learn together. They will develop intercultural communication competence, broad-mindedness, and cooperative skills to bring more peace to the world.

  1. Full-time 4-year undergraduate English program, which leads to Bachelor of Arts and Sciences.
  2. Language competence: Students will be competent in English and Japanese.
  3. Interdisciplinary arts and sciences education: Students will have a wider perspective when solving problems related global issues in society.
  4. Integrative perspectives and cooperative skills: Students will be able to think beyond nationality, region, religion, culture, and language.
  5. Careers after graduation: Students will be ready to work in Japan or abroad, or pursue academic careers at graduate schools.

Do you feel your world is so small? In IGS, we explore the world beyond borders. You will study in a group of students from around the world with very different backgrounds. Together, you can obtain a broad range of knowledge humanities, social and natural sciences. Throughout learning from different perspectives, you can develop logical and innovative thinking and improve your communication skills to become an active citizen of the world. Also, in IGS, we aim to respect our differences while actively working together to approach global and social issues. Why don’t you challenge the borders and broaden your world with us? 


Carolin Funck, IGS Department Head


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