Culture and Tourism
Name Position Research Area
Seki Koki Professor Cultural Anthropology, Area Studies of Southeast Asia
Funck Carolin Professor Tourism Geography
Kawamoto Naoe Associate Professor Social welfare and education for international students
Grajdian Maria Mihaela Associate Professor Media Studies, Cultural Anthropology
Jang Kyungjae Associate Professor Tourism Studies, Contents Tourism
Nishi Makoto Associate Professor Cultural Anthropology, Medical Anthropology, Global Health
Rigsby Curtis Andrew Associate Professor Japanese Religion and Culture, Philosophy, Comparative Thought
Peace and Communication
Name Position Research Area
Katayanagi Mari Professor Peacebuilding
Shibata Miki Professor Second language acquisition
Amano Shuichi Associate Professor Applied linguistics, Phonetics
Kakee Tomoko Associate Professor Conflict Resolution, International Law
Taferner Robert Associate Professor Applied Linguistics, Second Language Acquisition, Pragmatics
Machida Akira Associate Professor Cognitive Linguistics
Yamane Tatsuo Associate Professor International Relations
Environment and Society
Name Position Research Area
Villeneuve Masumi Professor Colloid and Interface Science
Kaneko Shinji Professor Environmental Economics and Policy Studies, Development Policy Studies
Yamada Toshihiro Professor Conservation biology, Forest ecology
Iwamoto Yoko Associate Professor Atmospheric Chemistry, Chemical Oceanography
Shirakawa Toshiyuki Associate Professor Research of Social Stratification, Sociology of Education, Social Research/Survey Methods
Tanaka Shinpei Associate Professor Physics of Complex Systems
Hosaka Tetsuro Associate Professor Ecology, Entomology, Human-nature interaction
Watanabe Chiho Associate Professor Soft Matter Science, Biophysical Chemistry