Frequently Asked Questions

IGS Global Internship
After Graduation


Q: Can I apply to the October admission?

A: The only available admission is in April.

Q: Can I transfer to IGS as a second year student?

A: IGS does not allow transfers from other institutions.

Q: I have short-term study abroad experience. May I submit the corresponding study abroad certification as additional information?

A: Applicants can submit such documentation as “Personal Statement 3 (Additional Information)” as a record of experience abroad. For details, please refer to the application guide.

Q: I have graduated from a high school outside of Japan. Do I have application eligibility?

A: Please contact IGS to check your application eligibility.
     E-mail: igs-application* (Please replace * with @)


Q: If I choose one of the three fields, can I study the other fields?

A: Although you will focus on one of the three fields, you will also take courses from the other two fields in order to ensure that you gain a balanced knowledge including all of the fields. 

Q: I want to study science at IGS. How are natural sciences supported by the IGS curriculum?

A: You are able to learn Chemistry, Ecology, Geology, Physics, and Biology in IGS. For additional information about their fields of study and possible graduation thesis topics, please see the introduction of "IGS Science Group". If you want to major in science, you must start with introductory courses and then take increasingly advanced courses. We strongly recommend that you consult your tutor about which courses to take from the first year onward. Students are able to take many science courses taught in English, offered in various programs throughout the university.

Q: Can IGS students obtain a teacher’s license?

A: The teacher’s license is not offered through IGS.


Q: Are any scholarships available to support International Students of Pre-Arrival Admission?

A: Yes, for details, please refer to our website, within “Fees and Scholarships”.

Q: Are scholarships available after the first year?

A: Opportunities to apply for scholarships after the second year are available. If you acquire competence of Japanese, you have more chances to apply for scholarships. You can check the details from the link below.

IGS Global Internship

Q: How long is the IGS Global Internship?

A: The duration of the internship is at least two weeks.

Q: What kinds of companies accept students to do the IGS Global Internship?

A: The companies that accept students are typically involved with international projects. It is also possible for students to find a suitable company by themselves.

After Graduation

Q: What degree is offered?

A: IGS offers a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences.

Q: What are some specific job opportunities after graduation?

A: Please refer to our website, “Career after graduation”.

Q: Does majoring in Culture and Tourism lead to becoming a tour guide?

A: IGS does not train you to be a tour guide. You will study culture and tourism from an academic perspective. For example, you will study the relations between people and culture in a global society, between tourism and local communities, between thought and culture, and between Japanese culture and the world.