Message to Parents and Guardians

The Hiroshima University Department of Integrated Global Studies (IGS) is a Full-time 4-year undergraduate program taught in English. The IGS Department provides an integrated curriculum of humanities, social and natural sciences. We aim to develop a diverse approach to exploring and solving current global issues.

Students from all over the globe will learn together beyond nationality, region, religion, culture, and language. They will develop intercultural communication competence, broad-mindedness and cooperative skills to bring more peace to the world. International students will also study Japanese. After completing the program, they will be ready to work in Japan or abroad, or pursue academic careers at graduate schools.

The campus of Hiroshima University is full of greenery where students can enjoy vibrant student activities and also get involved in local Japanese life. There are many events and activities on campus such as the Yukata Festival (people wear a special summertime kimono during this festival). Students can make their campus life more enjoyable by participating in such social activities.

We also offer several full or partial scholarship opportunities to international students enrolled in IGS bachelor’s program to help student succeed academically. Also, all IGS students can live in the university dormitory for the first two years.

After graduation, students have various career options, such as a career in the tourism industry, the mass media, a non-governmental organization, a consulting firm, a think tank, an engineer, a designer, or even an entrepreneur, and so on. Another option is to continue studies in Japan or overseas for a graduate degree.

We hope you will be interested in this program and encourage your children to explore the world beyond borders in IGS. Please contact us if you have any questions.



Carolin Funck

IGS Department,

School of Integrated Arts and Sciences,

Hiroshima University, Japan