Some Examples of IGS Subjects

1st YEAR

  • Peace subjects
  • Language subjects
  • Japanese and foreign cultures subjects
  • Information subjects
  • Health and sports subjects etc.
  • Liberal arts subjects



Human studies:

  • World Englishes
  • Japanese arts and aesthetics
  • New media and art
  • Cognitive psychology
  • Social psychology
  • Japanese Buddhism
  • Hinduism and Buddhism in South Asia
  • Foreign minorities in Japan

Social studies:

  • Invitation to world literature
  • Issues in international sociology
  • Tourism studies
  • History and historiography
  • Regional geography of the Seto Inland Sea
  • Knowledge of anthropology
  • Topics in history of science

Natural studies:

  • Earth environmental chemistry
  • Natural histories and sciences
  • Ecology and society
  • Environmental science in catchment areas
  • Climate change
  • Fundamentals of life science
  • Frontiers of material science


Core subjects:

  • Social statistics analysis
  • Academic writing
  • Cross-cultural negotiation
  • Conservation of biodiversity
  • Peace and coexistence
  • Academic presentation (English, Japanese)
  • Debate
  • Special English training for studying abroad


Culture and tourism field:

  • Contemporary issues in international tourism
  • Japanese tourism
  • Japanese religious culture
  • Contemporary philosophy
  • Field Seminar in Contents Tourism
  • Anthropology of Knowledge
  • Anthropology of Migration
  • Anthropology of Globalization

Peace and communication field:

  • Japanese culture and peace
  • Cultural psychology
  • Middle East Politics and Islam
  • Ethics, killings and violence
  • Japanese popular arts and culture
  • Language and thought
  • Foreign language acquisition and communication

Environment and society field:

  • Environmental economics and policy
  • Japanese society and gender issues
  • Principles of physics
  • Physical chemistry of materials and environmental applications
  • Peace and Conflict Research Study on companies and organizations
  • Natural disaster and society
  • Experimental methods and laboratory work in science for IGS
  • Experiments in environmental economics


  • Advanced language subjects:
    Japanese: debate, writing, others
  • Other languages
  • Subjects from other schools
  • Subjects from Department for Integrated Arts and Sciences
  • Subjects from study abroad


  • Global internship subjects, project-type problem solving research (3rd YEAR)
  • Graduation thesis (4th YEAR)

Course Syllabus