Announcement of the 20th TAOYAKA Program Seminar/the 53rd business seminar

TAOYAKA Program for creating a flexible, enduring, peaceful society will hold the 20th TAOYAKA Program Seminar (The 53rd Business Seminar).

Date: Wednesday, August 27th 14:30-16:00

Venue: Graduate School of Advanced Sciences of Matter, 401N lecture room

Lucturer: Tetsuo Urabe (Former executive officer SVP, Sony Corporation)

Title:Passion is a key driver for R&D commercialization –An example of the development of organic electroluminescence televisions

Abstract: Sony Corporation has commercialized electroluminescence television in 2007 for the first time in the world. The speaker will talk about how his struggling experience towards its commercialisation made him learn that ‘strong will leads the way’.The message to the students is to become a brilliant person by taking action and making their determinations based on information rather than just acquiring a vast amount of information.

The seminar is held in Japaness with interpretation into English.

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