Phoenix Leader Education Program the 1st Phoenix Leadership Seminar was held

FY2015 the 1st Phoenix Leadership Seminar was held.

Phoenix Leader Education Program holds leadership seminars and invites lecturers who are in the forefront in various areas as a role model for the students to consider their future career after completion of the program.

In the first seminar this year, Mr. Shigemi Uotani, managing director and secretary general of the Mazda Foundation, gave a lecture with the title of “Leadership for a successful global business” on May 19th. There were 30 participants including 16 students from Phoenix Program, two research students who are to enroll this year, one student from TAOYAKA program.

Mr. Uotani has worked for a global automotive company, including the offices in European and Asian countries, and took positions as a manager of organizations which consist of employees with various nationalities, background and culture. From such experiences, he talked about the leadership in global business operation.

In the first half of the seminar, he explained the present business situation and its diversity in the automotive industry referring to specific cases, and told about the leader’s responsibilities and the roles of team members in an international organization, and challenges in its operation and management.

In the last half, discussion was held on the tasks given in advance. The participants discussed essential qualities required for prospective employees and managers, by placing themselves in different positions such as a manager and an employee.

According to the participants, the seminar was very meaningful and a great opportunity to learn about the industry situation.