TU Berlin and HU Joint Workshop on Ship Hydrodynamics was held

Yasukawa, H. (Hiroshima University)

On October 10, 2022, ‘TU Berlin and HU Joint Workshop on Ship Hydrodynamics’ was held at 219-room in School of Engineering, Hiroshima University.

This workshop was organized on the occasion of Prof. Hochbaum and his lab's staff including students visit to Japan.

The above link (PDF file) is the workshop agenda. There were a total of 9 presentations from both universities.

Photo 1 shows the lecture by Prof. Hochbaum. Even though the workshop was held on a public holiday, more than 30 people gathered. Finally, Photo 2 shows a commemorative photo of the presenters and others. I had an enjoyable and useful time.

Photo 1: Lecture by Prof. Hochbaum

Photo 2: The presenters and others in the workshop


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