Feacures of the Educational System

Features of Education and Research

Educational System

There are two educational programs for the Master's Course.

■The Master's Thesis Course places emphasis on the special curriculum.

■The Specific Subject Research Course places emphasis on taking the mini-core curriculum and core curriculum.

Multiple Supervisors System

■We have established a Supervisor System led by multiple supervisors to provide flexible support for wide-ranging research themes.

Degree Acquisition Schedule Development

■We have clarified the process to grant a degree and to provide education and research supervision in line with this.

■We have developed a Long-term Class System that makes it possible for mature students and Phoenix Program students to complete courses on their own flexible schedules.

Elasticity of Thesis Language

■It is possible to use a language appropriate to the content of your thesis.

Features of the Curriculum

Core Curriculum

■We have established the Department of Integrated Humanities for all humanities major students.

Required classes:
Integrated Humanities

Studies on Human Culture I (World and Japan)
Studies on Human Culture II (Historical Culture)
Studies on Human Culture III (Chinese Culture)
Studies on Human Culture IV (Language and People)
Studies on Human Culture V (Culture and Representation)
Studies on Human Culture VI (Modern Culture)

Mini-core Curriculum

■We have established a mini-core curriculum in each education and research field.

■This cultivates an interdisciplinary point of view with which to overlook respective fields of research.

Special Curriculum

■We have arranged a flexible curriculum that advances the traditions that have accumulated in each education and research field.

■We conduct education and research to correspond with new social demands.

■We offer “Special Research Supervision” classes to give individual supervision for the writing of your dissertation or your Specific Subject Research project.