Message from the Dean

The Hiroshima University School of Education is highly acclaimed as a leading institution of teacher education and educational research both domestically and internationally, succeeding the tradition of Hakushima School, the oldest predecessor school of Hiroshima University, and Hiroshima Higher Normal School and Hiroshima University of Literature and Science, which were called the headquarters of education in western Japan. We foster teachers from preschool, elementary, and middle schools to college-level education and personnel who can work actively in a wide range of fields in a life-long learning society. We explore various diversified educational issues arising from social changes from an interdisciplinary and comprehensive perspective while also contributing to the creation of school education and a life-long learning society for the 21st century. We provide the most suitable learning environment for those who want to teach at school immediately after graduation, those who want to work in a job supporting human growth beyond school education, those who want to go to graduate school and become educators with higher qualifications and abilities, and those who want to become researchers who explore the nature of learning and education. Join us in building a better society at our well-rounded School of Education!


Dean of the School of Education