To cultivate leaders equipped with a broad outlook and expertise, who can blend theory with practice to take a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to the increasingly diverse and serious issues faced in education today, thereby contributing to the development of school education appropriate to the 21st century, as well as the assisting in the creation of a learning society.

Students Sought by this School (Admission Policy)

The School of Education aims to cultivate personnel who can contribute to the creation of school education appropriate to the 21st century and the construction of a society based on life-long learning. As such, it seeks students with the following qualities.

  1. Those who have acquired a wide range of basic academic abilities at high school, who think for themselves and are motivated to learn.
  2. Those who have a strong interest in and passion for a wide range of human minds, education, and/or individual subjects taught in elementary and secondary education.
  3. Those who independently pursue learning and research based on their own awareness of problems, adopting a creative, multifaceted approach.
  4. Those who love children and want to become teachers in the future, or who wish to go on to graduate school and become educators or specialists in a related field.


  • One of the country's leading faculties, encompassing the full range of fields related to education
    15 courses in 5 clusters, covering elementary education, special needs education, all academic subjects taught at junior and senior high schools, educational studies, and psychology. No other school covers such an exhaustive range of fields related to education.
  • Covers education throughout people’s lives, from early childhood education to life-long learning
    The programs offered cover the whole of people's lives, encompassing early childhood education, elementary education, secondary education, higher education, and life-long learning. As such, the school cultivates teachers for all stages of education, from kindergarten to elementary, junior and senior high school, junior college, and university.
  • Offers the opportunity to acquire advanced expertise by going on to graduate school
    There are relevant graduate school programs for all courses, enabling students to acquire more advanced expertise after graduating from the undergraduate program. The school is proud of having one of the country's best records for cultivating researchers and highly-skilled practitioners in the field of education.