We hold up the following mission to improve health care and welfare for nation.

  • Provide holistic and integrated medical care
  • Foster superior medical experts
  • Pursue new medical innovations

Basic Policy

 We seek to practice the following policies based on the Mission.

  1. Develop and provide new medical treatments by combining medical, dental, pharmaceutical, and health sciences
  2. Provide medical treatment in a safe and transparent manner
  3. Foster and train medical experts with respect for the dignity of each person and high ethical standards
  4. Pursue medical education and research from a global perspective, thereby helping create a more peaceful world

Clinical Ethics Policy

We provide the best medical care according to the following Clinical Ethics Policies.

  1. Respect of human rights
  2. Endeavor to protect personal information
  3. Obey the guideline, laws, etc. related with Medical Ethics
  4. Consider sufficiently and finding the solution of the problems with respecting of the patients, human rights, etc. in the Ethics Committees which consist of staff in the various fields