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  • (2021.5.14) [To students] Classes from May 18 (Tuesday) will be conducted online in principle

(2021.5.14) [To students] Classes from May 18 (Tuesday) will be conducted online in principle

Executive Vice President (Education), Hiroshima University

The government has declared a state of emergency in Hiroshima Prefecture from Sunday, May 16 to Monday, May 31 as the infection in Japan has been spreading.

In light of the importance of continuing activities on campus, Hiroshima University had decided to maintain the principle of face-to-face classes in the announcement dated May 11 (Class Implementation). However, due to the state of emergency, we have decided to raise the level of the action guidelines from "Level 1.5" to "Level 2" for classes. In accordance with this change, classes will be held as follows from Tuesday, May 18 onward during the period of the state of emergency. As a transitional measure, classes will be held as usual on Monday, May 17, unless otherwise instructed.

  • In principle, classes will be conducted online, so please take online classes at home.
  • However, if the dean of the school or the dean of the graduate school determines that the educational effect of the class cannot be achieved without face-to-face interaction, such as experiments and practical training involving practical skills, the class will be conducted face-to-face, and thorough infection prevention measures will be taken.
  • If you are unable to attend the face-to-face class due to poor physical condition (symptoms such as fever or cough), difficulty in moving, anxiety about infection, or staying at home, please contact the instructor in charge of the class in advance by e-mail. We will not treat you as absent, and will take measures so that you will not be disadvantaged in your subsequent courses.
  • please check the syllabus of "My MOMIJI" or the class bulletin board for details on how to conduct each class, and follow the instructions of the class instructor.
  • We will continue to make lecture rooms available on campus for online classes, self-study, and meals, but please keep the use of these rooms to a minimum and take all necessary measures to prevent infection. In addition, please refrain from having conversations with multiple students in lecture rooms for purposes other than class. Depending on the situation, we may have to restrict the use of the lecture rooms even more, so please be aware of this.

The above schedule may be changed depending on the status of COVID-19 in the future. If you want to change it, we will notify you promptly on our website and "MOMIJI".

As a student of Hiroshima University, I am sure that you are behaving appropriately on a daily basis. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause students, but our first priority is to prevent the spread of the infection on campus and to ensure that students do not stop their "learning" at the university, so we would like to ask for your cooperation again.


Hiroshima University, Education Promotion Group
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