Student Financial Support

The Graduate School of Advanced Sciences of Matter (AdSM) currently offers the following financial support systems to further encourage academic and research activities of graduate students.  


Excellent Student Scholarship

All schools and graduate schools of Hiroshima University grant the following academic benefits for students who are approved as having shown excellent performance in their entrance exam, or academic or scholarly activities after enrolled, for the purpose of increasing students' enthusiasm to study and further cultivating excellent human resources. In AdSM, we award this scholarship to more students than designated by the University.
<Academic Benefits of the Hiroshima University Excellent Student Scholarship>
(1) Certificate of Commendation from the President
(2) Second semester tuition fee exemption
(3) Notation on the scholarship student's academic transcript that he or she has been commended as an excellent student

English Proficiency Test Fee Support

When master’s and doctoral students takes an English proficiency test (the TOEIC® Test in principle), AdSM provides them up to 5,500 yen twice a year.

Scholarship for Doctoral Students

AdSM offers a financial support system which provides superior doctoral students with scholarships to reduce their economic burden, so that they can continue their study at doctoral course and devote themselves to their research.   

Financial Support to Doctoral Students using the RA Employment System

AdSM has a financial support system to doctoral students (excluding those taking leave of absence, students in their 4th or more year, government scholarship students who do not pay the tuition by themselves, and those who entered AdSM by taking the special selection exam for adult students), which compensates their tuition fee by paying for their research assistant activities for the purpose of reducing their economic burden. The maximum amount of support is 535,800 yen, which is equivalent to one-year of tuition fees.