About us

Founding Spirits

Social needs caused by the rapid process of low birthrate and aging population are to overcome diseases such as cancer, cognitive impairment and circulatory illness which aged person are more likely to suffer from. It is important to take measures to innovate advanced medicine based on the development of life and medical sciences, and to maintain・promote human health from a new perspective.

In current medical diagnosis, treatment team to conduct medical care for patients in collaboration of staff with special fields is widely enforced. Accordingly, it has become an urgent necessity to foster highly specialized personnel (medical / dental doctors, dental hygienists, dental technicians, pharmacists, nurses, public health nurses, birthing assistants, physiotherapists and occupational therapists) capable of promoting highly-qualified diagnosis in a treatment team.

Kasumi Campus, Hiroshima University as one of the prominent medical campuses in Japan, is equipped with facilities to provide sustained education from undergraduate to graduate programs. Highly specialized personnel trained in those fields are required to deepen relations with other fields for the basis of treatment team as well as to develop education・research in conjunction with areas in health and medical sciences.

As a new institution making the best of human resources and functions at Kasumi Campus, Graduate Schools of Biomedical Sciences and Health Sciences were integrated into Graduate School of Biomedical & Health Sciences with 4 specific fields in medical and health sciences.

Principal purposes of the establishment are as follows:
・To train scientists who can take active roles in new or combined areas extended from the conventional education
・To activate research activities coping with scientific improvement and complexity
・To build more flexible educational・research systems such as development of major scientific projects aiming for creating new knowledge which   used to be impossible with conventional two graduate schools; biomedical sciences and health sciences.

Guiding Principles

Putting on a great value on the guiding principles of Hiroshima University (Pursuit of peace, Creation of new forms of knowledge, Nurturing of well-rounded human beings, Collaboration with the local, regional and international community and Continuous self-development), our basic principles are as follows;
・To promote fundamental research in medicine・dentistry・pharmaceutical sciences・health sciences
・To explore new areas of knowledge through exercising synthetic, scientific and advanced research
・To foster educators・scientists・highly specialized personnel who possess extensive knowledge and advanced skills
・To contribute to the development of human health・welfare and medicine・dentistry・pharmaceutical sciences・health sciences at a global level