We Pursue the Humanities and Respond to Calls from Future.

For the Hiroshima University Graduate School of Letters, the humanities mean a comprehensive investigation of the various problems that affect humankind, human thought, and the history of human activities and human languages. The 20th century promoted the advances in natural and social sciences, but now we bear witness that a deep reflection is spreading all over the globe: the humanities have been neglected. Taking into account this reflection, the Graduate School of Letters aims to practice and conduct advanced education and research with the purpose of “reconstruction of the humanities.”

As for the education system, we have drastically expanded the functions of the Graduate School of Letters with the aim of ensuring further flexibility through the establishment of core and mini-core curricula, as well as through the introduction of the multiple supervisors system and the flexible degree acquisition schedule. Furthermore, to respond to the diversifying needs of society for higher education, we have introduced a system that offers various opportunities for students to take entrance exams, as well as expanded our intake of mature students and introduced multiple paths for education courses.

Why not join the Hiroshima University Graduate School of Letters and embark on a trip through the humanities to discover the future?