Curriculum and Courses

The School of Education offers an abundant range of educational programs in order to meet the diverse needs of students and prepare them for a wide range of career paths after graduation. The educational program that students will follow is determined at the point of admission by the cluster and program that they choose.

Undergraduate education is organized from 15 major programs, with clearly-defined attainment targets. Each student's level of attainment is checked at every stage from admission to graduation in order to ensure that students can achieve the targets.

For students who aspire to become teachers, the educational program for Cluster 1 focuses on cultivating teachers for elementary and special-needs schools. The educational programs for Clusters 2-5 enable students to obtain the Type 1 teaching certificate to teach the subjects included in their core graduation credits at junior/senior high school level.

Furthermore, in terms of the cultivation of researchers and highly-skilled practitioners in the field of education, the school offers an opportunity to progress to the Graduate School of Education, which features top-class performances in Japan.

Cluster 1 : School Education

Cluster 2 : Science,Technology and Society Education

Cluster 3 : Language and Culture Education

Cluster 4 : Life-long Activities Education

Cluster 5 : Fundamentals for Education and Human Development