Procedures for Course Registration

Process for Course Registration

  Course registration can be done on the student information network MOMIJI system.

   1.Decide the courses you want to take with reference to the handbook for students, time schedule, courses syllabus,list of non-opening subjects, etc.
   2.Take notes about course name, day and hour, name of teacher, course code, etc.
   3.Access MY MOMIJI using a computer and select Introduction to Registering/Checking Courses in Course Information.
   4.Register for the courses you want to take while referring to your notes.
   5.When you finish registering for all courses you want to take, please confirm that your registrations have been properly made.


Notice for Course Registration

【Master's Course Student】

・You are required to register, during the registration period, for all the courses you wish to take while referring to time schedule and curriculum.
・You need to register for Compulsory Subject(Directed Study and Seminar)as necessary by yourself.
・You cannot register or delete the subject except the prescribed period unless you have valid reason.
・You should register for Intensive Course during resistration period.

【Doctoral Course Student】

・Directed Study I,II and III are registered by Student Support Office (Graduate section), so there is no need to register by yourself.
・If you hope to take a class except Directed Study, please contact Student Support Office (Graduate section) .