The Details of Research and The Staff in Charge of Graduate School of Engineering

Mechanical Systems Engineering

Major Laboratories Staff / E-mail Details of Education / Research Fields
Mechanical Systems Engineering Mechanics of Materials Associate Professor Takeshi Iwamoto
Experimental study on impact transformation-thermo-mechanical behavior of materials with phase transformation and characterization by observation of microstructure/ Design and development of new member with high collision energy absorption for  automobiles by using adhesive joint and new material with high impact energy  absorption based on stress analysis of crash process Development and modification of impact testing method Multi-scale analysis of TRIP steel based on the homogenization
Dislocation dynamics simulation by level-set method and coupling with a  transformation-crystal plasticity theory.
Simulation of interface motion driven by phase transformation using the level-set method
Fluid Engineering

Professor Keiya Nishida
Associate Professor Youichi Ogata

earch on engine in-cylinder flow phenomena Liquid fuel atomization, spray evaporation and mixture formation mechanisms Fuel injection technology for combustion and emission control Elucidation of the flow mechanism in engineering applications.
Fluid force analysis of such as fish using fluid-structure interaction simulations.
Measurment and numerical study on two-phase flow.
ResReactive Gas Dynamics Professor Takuma Endo
Associate Professor Tomoyuki Johzaki
Assistant Professor Wookyung Kim
Fundamental studies of high-speed reactive gas flows such as detonations or explosions.
Applied and fundamental investigations on aerospace propulsion devices using detonations or laser-produced plasmas.
Development of new internal combustion engines or heat sources using high-speed combustion.
Numerical study on laser-plasma physics such as laser fusion or laser detonation.
Physics and chemistry of gas explosions
Machine Dynamics Associate Professor Yasuhisa Sekiguchi
Assistant Professor Yuji Harata
Diagnostics and condition monitoring of machines; Machine noise reduction; Damping characteristics of adhesive joints; Analytical and experimental studies on linear and nonlinear vibrations in mechanical
deterministic and undeterministic systems; Nolinear vibration analysis of machines and structures; Vibration control of wind turbines; Analytical studies on nonlinear dynamics of biped robot
Mechanical Design and Systems Professor Soichi Ibaraki
Assistant Professor Kiyotaka Ikejo
Three-dimensional measurement of the motion of machine tools and its control; Kinematic modelling of machine tools and robots and error diagnosis; Three-dimensional geometric measurement; Monitoring andintelligent control of machining processes.
Strength, failure analysis and design of gear drives; Simulation of gear vibration and noise; Development and design of a new-type gear with higher strength and performance than that of the Involute gear; Estimation and improvement of power transmission performance of gear and traction drives; Improvement in performance of gear pumps; Design and tribology of various machine elements.
Machining and Machining System Professor Keiji Yamada
Associate Professor Ryutaro Tanaka
Assistant Professor Katsuhiko Sekiya
The sensing technology and the components for machine tools.
Machining for the difficult-to-cut materials.
Development of the free-cutting steels and the new cutting tools.
Laser assited machining process Laser processing of brittle materials.
Manufacturing Systems A Professor Kazuhiro Ohkura
The realization of autonomous artifacts and the collective intelligence based on the concept of autonomous distributed systems by building swarm robotic systems or conducting computer simulations with emerging techniques in the field of computational intelligence.
Manufacturing Systems B Associate Professor Toru Eguchi
Research on design, planning and control of manufacturing systems.
Research on optimization of production planning and scheduling.
Control Engineering Associate Professor Nobutaka Wada
Research on control theory and its application to mechanical systems.
・Optimal servo control for constrained control systems
・Control system design based on numerical optimization
・Dynamical control of vehicles
・Control application to human-machine systems


Mechanical Science and Engineering

Major Laboratories Staff / E-mail Details of Education / Research Fields
Mechanical Material Engineering Materials Physics Professor Gen Sasaki
Associate Professor Kenjiro Sugio
Elucidation of physics phenomena in high-functional and highperformance metals,  ceramics and metal matrix composites, and development of these materials; (1)  Material process optimization with nano- and meso-scale texture control, (2) Evaluation of mechanical and functional properties in wide range from nanoscale to mililliscale, (3) Observation and characterization of microstructure with optical, scanning electron and transmission electron microscopes, (4) Modeling with computer simulations (molecular dynamics method, finite element method, etc.)
Property Control of Materials Professor Kazuhiro Matsugi
Assistant Professor Yongbum Choi
Analyses and micro-macro modeling for materials fabrication process, and development of materials property control by their techniques; (1) casting using the material control technology, the alloying using the sintering method, and a diplo-phasing and compositing, (2) thermal and mechanical conditions of the material engineering quality of the material by the analysis of a material process, research-and-development, (3) nano-meso scale by the mechanical engineering techniques, such as control of the dynamic or control
Net Shape Manufacturing Associate Professor Nobuhiro Nishino
Study of the microwave heating/sintering and its application.
Development of the application of the plasma-surface interaction.
Development of the solver to simulate plasma, gas, liquid, and solid simultaneously.
Materials Joining Science and Engineering Professor Kenji Shinozaki
Associate Professor Motomichi Yamamoto
・Development of high quality / high efficiency welding and blazing processes using hot-wire laser welding, hot-wire GTAW and hot-wire blazing techniques
・Evaluation of hot cracking susceptibility and elucidation of mechanizm of hot cracking during welding using in-situ observation technique
・Prediction method for hot cracking during welding usingcomputational simulation (FEM)
・In-situ temperature measurement using high-speed cameras during welding
・Prediction method for microstructure formation of weld metal during welding using thermodynamics database
Engineering Elasto-Plasticity Associate Professor Ryutaro Hino
Assistant Professor Hiroshi Hamasaki
Theory of elasto-plasticity and its applications
Mechanical properties of materials, and identification of material parameters
Numerical simulation and process analysis of cold/hot (warm) metal forming
Optimization problems in metal forming
Crystal plasticity and micro mechanics
Strength and Fracture of Materials Professor Atsushi Sugeta
Assistant Professor Hiroyuki Akebono
The microscopy of the fatigue crack growth mechanism by using highresolution microscope
The evaluation of strength of advanced structural materials
The estimation of fatigue strength of spot and laser welded structures.
Energy Engineering Thermal Engineering

Professor Yukihiko Matsumura
Associate Professor Shuhei Inoue
Assistant Professor Machi Kanna

Chemical humidity control for air conditioning, production of hydrogen from biomass using supercritical water, heat transfer and chemical reactions in supercritical water, structural analysis of nanocrystal, fundamental research of carbon nanotube, hydrothermal  pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass
Combustion Engineering Professor Akira Miyoshi
Associate Professor Daisuke Shimokuri
• Construction of reaction mechanisms for practical combustion
• Improvement of IC engine combsution based on detailed kinetc analysis
• Measurements of ingition properties of fuel components and mixtures
• Improvement of combustion based on the ignition characteristics of fuels
• Low NOx, Low SPM tubular combustion
• Micro combustor
• Fire safety
Plasma Science Professor Shinichi Namba
Assistant Professor Leo Matsuoka
Applications of high-density arc plasmas to scientific and engineering fields
Development of plasma window for separation between vacuum and atmosphere
Development of coherent/incoherent bright X-ray sources driven by lasers
Measurement of spatial structure of plasmas by light
Development of efficient isotope separation method by utilizing lightinduced diffusion processes
Plasma diagnostics by non-linear laser spectroscopy
Quantum Energy Applications Professor Satoru Endo
Associate Professor Kenichi Tanaka
Assistant Professor Tsuyoshi Kajimoto
Monte Carlo simulation on interactions of radiations with matter.
Microdosimetry of radiations. Study of Bron neutron capture therapy and  brachytherapy,Measurement of nuclear reaction cross sections in high and medium energy radiations Measurement of gamma radiations, alpha and beta particles and environmental radioactivities.
Quantum Materials Science and Engineering Professor Takayuki Ichikawa
・Quantum Effect of Hydrogen in Materials
・Corelation between Electronic States and Functions of Materials which are in particular related to Secondary Battery Materials (Li-Ion and Ni-MH), Fuel Cell with novel  mechanisms, Energy Conversion Systems (Themochemical Hydrogen Production and Electrolysis of NH3 and H2O) and/or Solid State Hydrogen Storage Materials.


System Cybernetics

Major Laboratories Staff / E-mail Details of Education / Research Fields
Fundamentals of System Cybernetics Social Informatics Professor Ichiro Nishizaki
Associate Professor Tomohiro Hayashida
Assistant Professor Shinya Sekizaki
Research interest of Social Informatics Lab covers decision analysis for organizations with competitive or cooperative relationships, data analysis of business activities, modeling of artificial agents with psychobehavioral preferences and so forth. Our researches also relate to the following disciplines: game theory, multiattribute utility analysis, simulation analysis, artificial agent modeling, network analysis, nonlinear data analysis, and application for electricity market. We are committed to postgraduate education of working people.
Production Systems Engineering Professor Katsuhiko Takahashi
Associate Professor Katsumi Morikawa
Assistant Professor Keisuke Nagasawa
Research on design, planning and control techniques of large-scale, complicated  manufacturing systems and supply chains. Some research topics are the utilization of human capability as a fundamental element of the production system, the development of manufacturing system which adapts to the change of manufacturing environment, and the simulation-based study of production systems.
Mathematics Professor Masaru Ikehata
Professor Tetsutaro Shibata
Professor Masao Hirokawa
Associate Professor Wakako Kawashita
Associate Professor Yasumasa Saisho
Associate Professor Yong Moo Chung
Associate Professor Hiroyoshi Mitake
Assistant Professor Satoki Uchiyama
Research on inverse problems and the eigenvalue problems of differential equations. Mathematical analysis of linear PDEs.
Stochastic differential equations, stochastic analysis and their applications. Examples: small random perturbations of dynamical systems, stochastic mechanics, probabilistic applications to mathematical biology and quantum theory.
Dynamical systems and ergodic theory.
Research on nonlinear elliptic and parabolic differential equations, and applications to the dynamical system and phenomenological theory.
Statistical physics of neural networks.
Applied Cybernetics Control Systems Engineering Professor Toru Yamamoto
Associate Professor Shuichi Ohno
Specially Appointed Lecturer Shin Wakitani
Assistant Professor Masayoshi Nakamoto
Research and education on system control technology and digital signal processing. Specifically, adaptive & learning control system technology for industrial systems and welfare systems, and digital signal processing for communication systems and image processing.
Electric Power and Energy System Professor Naoto Yorino
Associate Professor Yoshifumi Zoka
Assistant Professor Yutaka Sasaki
Assistant Professor Satoshi Taoka
Research mainly concerned with large-scale, complex and nonlinear electric power systems, including problems of operation and planning, voltage stability, frequency control, reliability, renewable energy, distributed power generation, microgrid/smartgrid, vehicle-to-grid, optimization technique, control system design, artificial intelligence application, analysis technology, algorithm development, etc.
Biological Systems Engineering Professor Toshio Tsuji
Associate Professor Yuichi Kurita
Assistant Professor Zu Soh
The main subject of research is the measurement, analysis and modeling of biological functions with its engineering applications. The research area covers human motion analysis, bioelectric signal processing, welfare robotics, artificial life, soft computing, electric circuit design and medical electronics engineering, etc.
Robotics Professor Idaku Ishii
Associate Professor Takashi Takaki
Specially Appointed Associate Professor Fengwei An
Assistant Professor Yuji Matsumoto
Specially Appointed Associate Professor Mingjun Jiang
Research on hyper-human robotics technology exceeding man's capability, and its real world applications. For example, high-speed robot vision, robot mechanism design, mobile robot, sensor-based manipulation, multimedia applications, industrial applications, medical  applications, bio-applications, etc.
Applications of Cybernetics Professor Yoshio.Matsumoto
Professor Hidehiko Komine
Associate Professor Natsuki Miyata
Research on the modeling and application of a complicated phenomenon. For example, measurement and diagnosis for the living body information and system integration, engineering application, etc.


Information Engineering

Major Laboratories Staff / E-mail Details of Education / Research Fields
Information Engineering Embedded Systems Associate Professor Yasuaki Ito
Research on hardware algorithm for combinatorial optimization using FPGAs, concurrent processing systems for big data, web-based lecture supporting system, and development of embedded systems.
Computer Systems Professor Koji Nakano
Assistant Professor Daisuke Takafuji
Research on architectures and algorithmic techniques for new computation and network environments including programmable logic devises, GPU, network of workstations, and multi-core systems.
Distributed Systems Professor Satoshi Fujita
Associate Professor Sayaka Kamei
Theory and practice on parallel and distributed systems, such as secure and efficient resource sharing schemes, real-time file exploration in wide area networks, high-performance computing using PC clusters, contents delivery in service providing networks, and environment monitoring systems based on wireless sensor networks.
Visual Information Science Professor Kazufumi Kaneda
Associate Professor Toru Tamaki
Assistant Professor Bisser Raytchev
Computer graphics, visualization, image processing, image recognition and understanding, computer vision, machine learning, and various applications of these technologies, such as biomedical imaging, optical design, video surveillance and human-computer interaction.
Learning Engineering Professor Tsukasa Hirashima
Associate Professor Yuusuke Hayashi
Research on technology-enhanced learning systems designed based on knowledge modeling, implemented with artificial intelligence, multimedia and web technologies, and then practiced from viewpoint of education and psychology.
Foundation of Computer Science

Professor Toru Nakanishi
Associate Professor Teruaki Kitasuka
Assistant Professor Katsunobu Imai

Cryptography and information security. In particular, privacy-enhancing authentications and network services, and  implementations based on elliptic curve cryptosystems.
Mobile and ubiquitous computing. In particular, communication, activity recognition, and location sensing using wireless devices.
Theoretical studies on future computing systems. In particular, cellular automata and reversible computing.
Dependable Systems Professor Tadashi Dohi
Associate Professor Hiroyuki Okamura
Dependable computing, Fault tolerant computing, Computer security, Software reliability assessment, Performance evaluation, Reliability and Maintenance, Applied probability, Applied statistics, Operations research, Stochastic modeling.
Big Data Engineering Professor Takio Kurita
Associate Professor Jun-ichi Miyao
Associate Professor Yasuhiko Morimoto
Pattern recognition and machine learning, Large-scale information processing and data management required for data mining, information retrieval, IoT (Internet Of Things) information processing.
Real time processing for multimedia, Embedded media software.
Informatics and Mathmatical Science Professor Chuzo Iwamoto
Professor Hiroaki Mukaidani
Associate Professor Tadashi Shima
Computational complexity theory, hierarchies of complexity classes, and combinatorial computational geometry.
System theory and intelligent information processing, Stabilization and optimization for stochastic systems, Numerical analysis and optimal design for mechatoronic systems.
Stochastic processes, especially going around fractals. Spectral analysis of the generators associated with the stochastic processes on fractals.


Chemical Engineering

Major Laboratories Staff / E-mail Details of Education / Research Fields
Chemical Engineering Thermal-Fluid Engineering Professor Akihiro Yabuki
Associate Professor Takashi Ogi
Assistant Professor Ratna Balgis
Researches on the production of functional fine- and nano-particles and thin films using aerosol and liquid process and the evaluation of related phenomena such as fluid, heat transfer, chemical reaction of the gasliquid, mass transfer inside the  reactor, nucleation/growth, clean technology, self-healing coatings, recovery of rare earth, and alternative materials of rare earth.
High-Pressure Fluid Property Professor Shigeki Takishima
Associate Professor Shinichi Kihara
Assistant Professor Ikuo Ushiki
Measurement and modeling of the equilibrium and transport properties for supercritical fluid + polymer systems. Development of innovative material processing technology and functional organic and inorganic materials utilizing particular characteristics of supercritical fluids.
Polymer Technology Professor Satoshi Nakai
Associate Professor Takashi Iizawa
Assistant Professor Takehiko Goto
Education and research on wastewater treatment, restoration of water environment and environment evaluation technologies using novel artificial and/or natural materials, utilization of waste to produce valuable materials. Physical chemistry of polymer gel. Development of separation system using stimulus responsive polymers or polymer gels.
Research on the structure controlling method of polymer gel.
Development of a highly efficient functional polymer and analysis of reaction using polymer.
Separation Technology Professor Toshinori Tsuru
Associate Professor Masakoto Kanezashi
Assistant Professor Hiroki Nagasawa
Development and characterization of nano- or subnano-porous ceramic membranes, and their application to gas separation, pervaporation / vapor permeation, nanofiltration / reverse osmotic processes, and catalytic membrane reactors. Transport mechanism of gas/liquid molecules through microporous membranes. Evaluation of membranebased separation processes.
Fine Particle Technology Professor Kunihiro Fukui
Associate Professor Toru Ishigami
Assistant Professor Tomonori Fukasawa
Education and research on the development of novel high-performance classification system, the development of powder treatment process using microwave heating method, the improvement and life prediction of bag filter system, the analysis of particle dispersed system by CFDDEM simulation, the fabrication of standard particles for ISO, the measurement of physical and chemical particle property, the application of zeta potential measuring device and vibration fluidized bed.
Equipment Materials
Professor Manabu Shimada
Associate Professor Yoshinori Isomoto
Assistant Professor Masaru Kubo
Education and research on the fabrication of fine materials and microcontrolled surfaces by the generation and transport of gasborne matter, on the contamination phenomena induced by small particulate and trace amount of gaseous matter, on the development of synthetic process of organic-inorganic hybrid porous materials, and on the plant maintenance introduced by the characteristics, degradation process, risk management, life prediction of various component materials, and environmental and economical benefits.
Green Process Engineering Associate Professor Soonchul Kang
Assistant Professor (under consideration)
Education and research on treatment of waste and wastewater, evaluation of environmental impacts of the human activities and its reduction by greenization of chemical processes, and ecological engineering for conservation and restoration of damaged ecosystems.


Applied Chemistry

Major Laboratories Staff / E-mail Details of Education / Research Fields
Applied Chemistry Applied Organic Chemistry Professor Atsushi Ikeda
Assistant Professor Kouta Sugikawa
Education and research on development of synthetic reactions and supamolecular complexes applied for creating useful organic molecules in everyday life and high technology.
Organic Materials Chemistry Professor Joji Ohshita
Assistant Professor Yohei Adachi
Education and research on organosilicon compounds, in particular synthesis of polysilane derivatives containing π-conjugated systems and their applications to organic electronic materials, and development of functional dye materials with epoch-making optoelectronic characteristics.
Functional Polymer Chemistry

Professor Takeshi Shiono
Associate Professor Yuushou Nakayama
Assistant Professor Ryo Tanaka

Education and research on polymer chemistry, especially, precision polymerization catalyzed by transition metal complex and development of new polymers from renewable biomass.
Reaction Design Chemistry Professor Itaru Osaka
Associate Professor Hiroto Yoshida
Assistant Professor Kimihiro Komeyama
Our research aims at an exploitation of new synthetic reactions and reagents that can be used for the selective and environmentally benign transformation of various organic compounds with high efficiency in energy and atom-economy. Particularly, heterofunctionalization of carbon-carbon multiple bonds with transition metal catalysts, and photochemical generation of active intermediates and their use for cyclization reactions are currently under investigation. Moreover, new aryne chemistry to provide unprecedentedly substituted arenes is growing up in our laboratory.
Analytical Chemistry Professor Shinjiro Hayakawa
Associate Professor Kenji Komaguchi
Education and research on analytical chemistry, especially, development and application of new methods in x-ray spectroscopy.
Materials Physical Chemistry Professor Yousuke Ooyama
Associate Professor Ichiro Imae
Development of novel functional dye materials with epoch-making optoelectronic characteristics, fluorescence sensing ability and therapeutic activity. Education and research on new functions of organic/inorganic materials and their applications to novel electronic/optoelectronic devices.
Inorganic Materials Chemistry Professor Kei Inumaru
Associate Professor Kiyofumi Katagiri
Assistant Professor Hiroshi Fukuoka
Research and education on ceramics, with main interests on molecular design, synthesis, characterization, and applications of new inorganic or inorganic-organic hybrid materials having functional nano-structures.
Environmental Catalyst Chemistry Professor Tsuneji Sano
Associate Professor Masahiro Sadakane
Assistant Professor Nao Tsunoji
Synthesis of inorganic microporous and mesoporous materials such as zeolites and related materials, and their application to catalysts and adsorbents in environmental and energy research fields.


Civil and Environmental Engineering

Major Laboratories Staff / E-mail Details of Education / Research Fields
Structural Engineering Structural Materials and Concrete Structures Professor Kenji Kawai
Assistant Professor Yuko Ogawa
Education and research on the physicochemical characteristics of cementitious materials, the mechanical and durability performance evaluation of plain, reinforced and prestressed concretes, effective utilization of resources, environmental impact evaluation of concrete, and maintenance of concrete structures.
Structural Engineering Associate Professor Kenichiro Nakarai
Assistant Professor Ichiro Ario
Education and research on performance-based design on steel, concrete, and composite structures, earthquake and wind resistance design and vibration control, natural disaster prevention, remaining strength of aged deteriorated existing structures, maintenance and asset management of bridges, and various couputer simulation technologies.
Geotechnical Engineering Professor Takashi Tsuchida
Assistant Professor Ryota Hashimoto
Evaluation of mechanical property of soft ground, Ground improvement techniques, Engineering properties of cement treated clay and recycled geo-materials, Development of new construction technology
for waste disposal facility in coastal areas, In-situ testing of weathered granite soil and the application on disaster prevention of natural slopes
in heavy rainfall, Estimation and countermeasures of sand liquefaction by earthquakes, Evaluation of seismic site response of ground, Earthquake resistant design of geotechnical works, Maintenance and condition evaluation method for road pavement and geotechnical structures, Conservation of historic structures based on geotechnical engineering.
Environmental Engineering Global Environment and Planning Associate Professor Makoto Tsukai
Associate Professor Masaaki Fuse
Assistant Professor Lam Chi Yung
Development of planning methodology, and analysis for following themes; recycling and low-carbon society, urban transportation system by making full use of a economical evaluation, a statistical model, and a mathematical  planning, a travel behavior model, or network scinence.
Researches on material flows for scarce metals, market share forecast on low emission vehicles, development of statistical model for "big-data" , on consensus building by statistical approach for text data, and safety assessment for infrastructures.
Environmental Preservation Engineering Professor Akiyoshi Ohashi
Associate Professor Noriatsu Ozaki
Assistant Professor Tomonori Kindaichi
Biological wastewater treatment.
Energy recovery from biomass by microbes.
Nitrogen and Phosphorous removal.
Microbial community analysis.
Analysis and modelling of behavior of trace toxic chemicals in air and water environments.
Application of membrane filtration technique on wastewater treatment.
Hydraulic Engineering Professor Yoshihisa Kawahara
Associate Professor Tatsuhiko Uchida
Monitoring river environment using autonomous UAV
Numerical prediction of localized heavy rains using meteorological radars
Modeling of interactions among flood flow, vegetation and morphology in rivers
Study on multi-scale phenomena of flow and sediment transport in a dynamic fluvial system
Transport and sorting mechanism of sediment mixture in gravel bed river
Flow, sediment transport and topographical changes in rivers due to tsunami
Multi-phase flows with sediment transport around river structures
Coastal Engineering Associate Professor Kiyoshi Kawanishi
Associate Professor Tadashi Hibino
Assistant Professor Shinya Nakashita
Acoustic measurement of wash road
2-D mapping of velocity and salinity fields using fluvial acoustic tomography
Monitoring of ascending tsunami/tidal bore
Development of technology to improve environment in river bank
Practical use of "sediment microbial fuel cells" more than solar batteries
Research on groundwater and tidal flat environment in tidal estuaries


Transportation and Environmental Systems

Major Laboratories Staff / E-mail Details of Education / Research Fields
Transportation and Environmental Systems Structural Systems Associate Professor Yoshikazu Tanaka
Assistant Professor Satoyuki Tanaka
Buckling and ultimate strength evaluations
Fracture and fatigue strength evaluations
Computational Mechanics, Applied Mechanics, Solid/Structural
Research on a floating structure for offshore wind power generation
Energy harvesting using mechanical vibration
Nondestructive inspection, Numerical electromagnetic field analysis
Structural Design Professor Mitsuru Kitamura
Associate Professor Akihiro Takezawa
Design technologies and optimization methods for large-scale structures such as vehicles.
Topology optimization method and its application.
Computational method for structural analysis.
System Safety Professor Yukio Fujimoto
Associate Professor Eiji Shintaku
Research on the development of sheet type sensors for dynamic load measurement, impact force measurement, deformation measurement, stress measurement, and structural monitoring. Structural reliability analysis and inspection planning of aging structures. Automatic cotrol and planning of ship equipments and systems.
Integrated Engineering for Vehicle and Environmental Systems Professor Kunihiro Hamada
Assistant Professor Noritaka Hirata
Design technologies and optimization methods for large-scale structures such as  vehicles.
Topology optimization method and its application.
Computational method for structural analysis.
Marine Transportation System Professor Hironori Yasukawa
Associate Professor Susumu Tanaka
Assistant Professor Masaaki Sano
Development of an environment friendly marine vehicle
Research on prediction of performances of marine vehicle
Research on marine navigation safety
Research on a new energy transportation
Fluid Dynamics for Vehicle and Environmental Systems Professor Yasuaki Doi
Associate Professor Hidemi Mutsuda
Assistant Professor Takuji Nakashima
Research on passive/active stall control of aerofoil,
Research on the reduction of wind resistance acting on a bridge of ship,
Research on seakeeping performance of a ship in nonlinear wave,
Research on CFD technology for aerodynamics and vehicle performance,
Assessment and prediction of ocean-atmosphere environment due to vehicle transportation,
Research on advanced technology of electrical energy generated by renewable energy (wind, ocean power, vibration)
Research on a technology of energy harvesting
Research on interaction between tsunami and structure
Airworthiness and
Seakeeping for Vehicles
Professor Hidetsugu Iwashita
Associate Professor Yuji Sakuno
Research on the aerodynamic properties of WIG flying over the waves,
Research on the passive control of the wind turbine with elastic composit material, Research on the human-powered aircraft, Research on the theoretical estimation of the seakeeping of high-speed ship,
Research on the remote sensing of marine environment, Research on the remote sensing of PM2.5 measurement
Ocean-Atmosphere Systems Assistant Professor Masazumi Arai
Study of the Kuroshio effect to Seto Inland Sea environments, Study of anomalous sea levels generated in Hiroshima Bay by large internal waves, Study of the spreading process of Ota River water discharged into Hiroshima Bay , Study of horizontal fish finding by the mono-static sonar, Study of seiches, Study of tidal mixing and tidal front



Major Laboratories Staff / E-mail Details of Education / Research Fields
Building Engineering Building Materials and Compornents Professor Takaaki Okubo
Assistant Professor Atsushi Teramoto
Applying technologies of RFID for the building life-cycle support
Durability design for reinforced concrete buildings
Repairing method for buildings, materials and components for sustainable buildings
Applying wireles sensor technology for maintenance of building elements
Control technology of cracking in concrete
Evaluation for aesthetic quality of concrete texture
Structural Mechanics of Building Associate Professor Takuro Mori
Study on large-scale wooden construction using wooden materials including CLT
Research on development of wooden rigid frame structure
Evaluating method of residual seismic performance of existing wooden construction
Long term performance evaluation of wooden buildings and materials
Building Structures Professor Hiroshi Tagawa
Assistant Professor (under consideration)
Seismic design of steel structures
Vibration control system of steel structures
Beam-to-column connections and column-bases of steel structures
Buckling analysis and design of steel frames
Seismic retrofit of existing structures
Disaster Prevention Engineering Professor Naohiro Nakamura
Associate Professor Hiroyuki Miura
Assistant Professor Yuji Miyazu
Seismic response and risk analyses of earthquake resistant, vibration controled and isolated buildings
Estimation of soil-structure interaction effects shock-resistant design of buildings
Earthquake ground motion evaluation
Building damage estimation
Spatial data analysis for risk evaluation and damage identification
Seismic control system of buildings
Earthquake and Structural Engineering Associate Professor Yo Hibino
Seismic design of reinforced concrete members
Seismic performance evaluation of reinforced concrete buildings
Seismic retrofit and repairing methods of reinforced concrete buildings
Damage estimation of reinforced concrete buildings
  Architectural Planning Professor Takahiro Tanaka
Associate Professor Hideaki Sumikura
Assistant Professor Aya Ishigaki
Housings in urban and local area, The planning of social welfare and community facilities, The region-based housing supply system and The planning and the management of building production processes
Architectural History and Design Theory Associate Professor Shoichiro Sendai
Assistant Professor Susumu Mizuta
Theory on peace architecture and urban design.
Theory on environment and landscape design.
History of modern architecture and modern urbanism in Japan and World.
Research and planning for the conservation of buildings and towns.
Architectural Environment Professor Daisaku Nishina
Assistant Professor Sayaka Kindaichi
The planning of regional water environment, The efficient use of energy in buildings, The evaluation techniques for regional living environment and landscape, and The problems concerning with human behavior and/or environmental psychology. Urban environmental planning (green space, climate, built environment). Compact city. Sustainable community design.
Architectural Project Associate Professor Mitsugu Okagawa
Theoretical research of architectural design method and theoretical projection. Research on architectural space as information.Research on urban space. Construction the design method which present-day society and technical progress demand through critical analysis of the design method of modern architecture.