Organization and Student Capacity

 In order to flexibly cope with the many problems concerning the remarkable progress and development of technology, it is necessary to acquire a wider sense of view and a broader range of basic academic ability. For this reason, the School of Engineering has reorganized itself to form a unified grouping system composed of four large groups as shown in the following Table. These are the 1) Mechanical Systems, Transportation, Material and Energy, 2) Electrical, Electronic and Systems Engineering, 3) Applied Chemistry, Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering, and 4) Civil Engineering and Architecture. The School was reorganized taking into account the already existing grouping system and arranging some of the undergraduate programs under the supervision of the separate Clusters.

Cluster 1 (Mechanical Systems, Transportation, Material and Energy)

Cluster 2 (Electrical, Electronic and Systems Engineering)

Cluster 3 (Applied Chemistry, Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering)

Cluster 4 (Civil Engineering and Architecture)