Greetings from the Dean

Dean of the School of Engineering, Akihiro Yabuki

Dean of the School of Engineering

Akihiro Yabuki

SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) have been proposed in response to the era of drastic environmental changes on a global scale. Society5.0 is a strategic pillar for achieving the SDGs. It is shown as a future society that incorporates innovative technologies such as AI, IoT, robots, and big data into all industries and societies, achieving both economic development and solving social issues. To achieve this, engineering and engineers will play a leading role, and they will be required to have specialized knowledge, a broad perspective, the ability to make quick and accurate decisions, and the ability to create innovation on their own.

Our School of Engineering, Hiroshima University has been organized into 4 clusters: Cluster 1 (Mechanical Systems, Transportation, Material and Energy), Cluster 2 (Electrical, Electronic and Systems Engineering), Cluster 3 (Applied Chemistry, Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering), and Cluster 4 (Civil Engineering and Architecture). Each cluster has several educational programs, and is responsible for research and education according to their specialized fields.

We also have systems in place to financially support for presentations at international conferences, studying abroad, and engaging in overseas collaborative research. Many students who graduate from the School of Engineering go to graduate school, and many excellent graduates with master's and doctoral degrees has been produced. We have a research and education environment that can foster excellent engineers and engineering researchers who will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society that is sought by industry and academia.

We strongly encourage every student enrolled in the School of Engineering not only to learn the knowledge and skills of specialized fields that can be acquired in clusters and research programs, but also to improve their research skills, logical thinking, judgment, communication, and presentation skills to respond to future scientific and technological innovations. We would like each of you to study engineering at the Higashi-Hiroshima Campus, which is blessed with an educational and research environment and try to be engineers and researchers who have the courage to take on any challenge without fear of failure.