History of the Graduate School of Engineering
1920 Hiroshima High Institute of Technology was founded (Departments of Mechanical, Electrical and Applied Chemistry)
1929 Department of Brewing was created
1944 The name was changed to Hiroshima Technical School (abolished in 1951) Department names were changed to Machine, Electricity, Chemical and Fermentation Engineering
1945 Hiroshima City Technical School was founded (abolished in 1951)
1949 Hiroshima Technical School and Hiroshima City Technical School were annexed and Hiroshima University School of Engineering was created. The Departments of Mechanical, Electrical, Industrial Chemistry, Fermentation, Ship, Civil & Architectural, and Industrial Business existed.
1952 Industrial Teacher Training course was created
1954 Engineering non-degree graduate program was created. Programs for Mechanical, Electrical, Industrial Chemistry, and Fermentation Engineering were made.
1959 Department of Chemistry Engineering was created. The name of Department of Industrial Chemistry was changed to Department of Applied Chemistry.
1960 Non-degree graduate programs for Ship, Civil and Architectural, and Industrial Business Engineering were created.
1961 Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering was separated into two departments. The Department of Exact Engineering was created. Industrial teacher training school was founded for the departments of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering.
1963 Gradaute School of Engineering (Master's course) was founded for Mechanical, Electrical, Applied Chemistry, Fermentation, Ship, Civil, Architectural, Industrial Business and Chemical Engineering
1965 The Department of Industrial Business was renamed to the Department of Business Engineering
1967 Department of Electronics was created
1971 Master's course for the Department of Electronics was created
1972 Attached Inside Seawater Environmental Research Facility was founded (abolished in 1976)
1976 The Engineering Department was reorganized into four groups, Machine Systems, Electric Systems, Chemical Systems, and Construction Systems and common lecture
1977 Gradute School of Engineering (Doctoral program) was founded. Materials, System, Movement Phenomenon, Design, Industrial Chemistry Structure and Environmental Engineering departments received the Doctoral program
1982 The school was relocated from Sendamachi Nakaku ward in Hiroshima City to Higashi Hiroshima City
1986 Information Engineering Doctoral program was created
1997 Module life function science was created. In 1998 this was transferred to the graduate school of Advanced Science of matter.
2001 In accordance with emphasizing the graduate school programs, the Department of Engineering was reorganized into new groups. Cluster 1: Mechanical System Engineering, Cluster 2: Electrical, Electronic, System & Information Engineering, Cluster 3: Chemistry, Biotechnology and Process Engineering and Cluster 4: Social and Environmental Engineering
2004 Reorganized into national university corporation Hiroshima University.
2010 Graduate School of Engineering is divided into an educational organization and a faculty organization. As a result,the Graduate School of Engineering (doctoral program) came to function as the educational organization, and the School of Engineering as the faculty organization.
The Graduate School of Engineering (doctoral program) offers nine research fields (Mechanical Systems Engineering, Mechanical Science and Engineering, System Cybernetics, Information Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Applied Chemistry, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Transportation and Environmental Systems, and Architecture).
The Institute of Engineering comprises seven divisions; Mechanical Systems and Applied Mechanics; Energy and Environmental Engineering; Materials and Production Engineering; Electrical, Systems and Mathematical Engineering; Information Engineering; Chemistry and Chemical Engineering; Social Environment and Space). (abolished in 2017)
2018 School of Engineering reorganized its four clusters into new ones. 1: Mechanical Systems, Transportation, Material and Energy, Cluster 2: Electrical, Electronic and Systems Engineering, Cluster 3: Applied Chemistry, Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering, Cluster 4: Civil Engineering and Architecture

Five graduate schools (Graduate School of Engineering, Graduate School of Integrated Arts and Sciences, Graduate School of Science, Graduate School of Advanced Sciences of Matter, Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation) with 17 research divisions were reorganized into the Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering with one research division and 14 diploma programs (Applied Chemistry Program / Chemical Engineering Program / Electrical, Systems, and Control Engineering Program / Mechanical Engineering Program / Transportation and Environmental Systems Program / Architecture Program / Civil and Environmental Engineering Program / Informatics and Data Science Program / Quantum Matter Program / Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering Program / Mathematics Program / Physics Program / Earth and Planetary Systems Science Program / Basic Chemistry Program)

School of Engineering marked the 100th anniversary of its founding