Admission Information for International Students


Most applicants to the Graduate School are admitted to the University as research students first and prepare for the entrance examination to the Graduate School.

1. Non-Degree Courses (Research Students)

A student wishing to study a specific subject at the graduate level may be admitted as a research student (Kenkyusei). A research student is not entitled to a degree even upon completion of his/her research work.


A. For Self-supported Students

A student wishing to study as a research student must submit the following documents to the faculty concerned, after having identified an academic adviser in his/her field, and having been approved for admission by him/her. It is necessary to complete the admission procedures well in advance, about 4 months before the time of admission, because processing for entry into Japan requires a considerable amount of time and it is usually about 4 months before an affirmative notice from the Immigration Bureau can be received.

B. For Students supported Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho) Scholarships

There are two different categories for Japanese Government Scholarships.

< Recommendation by the Japanese Embassy >
On behalf of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (Monbukagakusho; MEXT), Japanese diplomatic missions abroad make announcements soliciting applications for the MEXT scholarships. They also conduct the preliminary screening of applicants based on documents presented, written tests and interview. On the basis of recommendations by Japanese embassies the MEXT makes the final selection of the scholarship recipients. For details please check with the nearest Japanese diplomatic missions abroad.

< Recommendation by the University >
The University recommends to the MEXT a certain number of exceptionally good graduate students from universities abroad with which the University has an official student exchange agreement. The MEXT makes the final selection. Application is usually solocited in December. Please contact an academic adviser.

2. Regular Courses for Graduate Degrees (Master's Program/Doctoral Program)

The entrance examination for the Master's program is usually given at the end of February and the end of August. Applicants are given written examinations on fundamental and major subjects and are also required either a TOEIC or TOFEL score.
The entrance examinations for the Doctoral program is usually given at the end of February and the end of August. Applicants who have completed the Master's program or are judged to have met the requirements for the Master's program take an oral examination concerning their master's dissertation.
Please choose the subject you wish to study, and contact a professor directly.