Admission Procedure

Admission Requirements of the Applicant

(a) Completion of 16 years of formal education in a foreign country.

(b) To be recognaized by Hiroshima University as equivalent to (a).

Documents Required

(a) Application Forms(prescribed forms).

(b) Personal History(prescribed forms).

(c) Transcript of degree or expected graduation certificate, and transcript of scholastic record issued by the university or college attended(in English or Japanese).

(d) Recommendation form the president or the dean of the faculty at the university or college attended.

(e) Medical certificate(prescribed form).

(f) Score certification of Japanese-Language-Proficiency(JLP) test N1, OR, TOEFL test, OR, other appropriate certification(s) to meet the JLP or TOEFL tests.


Selection will be made on the basis of the documents submitted.

Time of Admission

Time of admission for non-degree students is usually the beginning of each semester in April and October.

Period of Registration

A research student is basically admitted for one semester or one year. He/she may apply for a renewal of this period if such a renewal is necessary for the purpose of his/her study.