New Patient

Hiroshima University Hospital, the only university hospital in Hiroshima Prefecture and an advanced treatment hospital, provides higher-level and highly specialized medical services and also supports a new advanced medical treatment.
We mainly accept those who need to receive treatments that require advanced and highly specialized medical services, such as severe and serious injury and special diseases, by a request from your family doctor or nearby local clinic. Because of this, we advise you to bring a medical referral letter.

If you are a new patient without a medical referral letter or you have a medical referral letter without our hospital name “Hiroshima University Hospital (広島大学病院)” as an addressee, a fee called SENTEI RYOYOHI in the amount of 13,200 yen (medical)/5,500 yen (dental) will be charged in addition to the first visit fee.
For more information about “SENTEI RYOYOHI,” please see the following.


When Do We Check YOUR Japanese Health Insurance Card

  • If you do not have an appointment at the first consultation, we check your Japanese health insurance card at the general reception desk.
  • If you have an appointment, we check your Japanese insurance card at the reception desk of clinical department on the first consultation date of every month.
  • If you do not have Japanese insurance card, we check your passport and credit card.
  • If you have a medical care recipient certificate, please present it with your Japanese health insurance card at the general reception desk.

If you will not present your Japanese health insurance card, please contact us in advance as the medical expenses may cost high.

Since there are non-consultation dates or the doctor has a previous engagement(s), you may not receive a consultation regardless of whether you have a medical referral letter or not. Therefore, please confirm beforehand by e-mail if a consultation is possible.   

   E-mail: byo-kokusai* (Please replace * with @)