International Research Students

Students wishing to study a specific subject, at either the undergraduate or graduate level, may be admitted as research students ("kenkyuusei"). Research students are not entitled to degrees upon completion of his/her research work. Most applicants for admission to a graduate scholl gain admission to the University as a research student first, and then prepare for the entrance examination to the graduate school of their choice while researching thier subject in more detail.

In order to apply for research student course, first of all, you should find your prospective supervisor and have a talk with him/her on your research, using e-mail or phone.

We will send you the application form and payment slip if you get his/her agreement to supervise you after your admission. So, please contact us by e-mail using the contact information below.

Application Procedure

1. Admission Requirements

1. A person who has completed 16 years of formal schooling
2. A person who has been recognized by IDEC to have excellent academic ability and be qualified to study as research student

2. Research Period

1 year or 1 semester (April or October enrollment)

3. Application Procedure

(1) Submission Period

Those residing in Japan

Research start period Application Deadline
From April 1 End of February
From October 1 End of August

Those living outside Japan

Research start period Application Deadline
From April 1 End of November of previous year
From October 1 End of May

(2)Documents to be submitted

a)Application for Enrollment as a Research Student (use the form supplied)

b)Personal History (use the form supplied)

c)Diploma or Certificate of Expected Graduation and Academic Transcript

*If the applicant enrolls in or has completed a graduate school, documents of the graduate program as well as the undergraduate program must be submitted.
*If the applicant graduated from a university abroad, please make sure that the certificate includes the degree information.
* If the applicant is a graduate of any university in China (excluding Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau), please obtain the “Online Verification Report of Higher Education Qualification Certificate (教育部学历证书电子注册备案表)” from “中国高等教育学历证书查询(CHSI)” (, and submit it together with “毕业证书(Certificate of Graduation)” and “学士(硕士)学位证书 (Bachelor/Master's Diploma)”. If the applicant is a current student, “Online Verification Report of Student Record(教育部学籍在线验证报告)” from the above website as well as certificate of expected graduation must be submitted.
Please note that applicants must pay the issuing fee for the Online Verification Report by themselves. Also be sure that there are 15 or more days left until the expiration date of the online verification at the time of its submission.

d)Certificate of Residence (住民票)
(Only applicable to those residing in Japan. Submit a certificate issued by the city hall, not a copy of Residence card.)

e)Letter of Recommendation from an Academic Advisor of the Faculty at the University Attended

f)Certificate of Health

g)Return-envelope ([24cm×33.2cm], with a 140-yen stamp, your name, address, and postal code written clearly) (for those residing in Japan)

h)Application Fee: 9,800 yen

i)Language Test Score Certificate (TOEFL® or other equivalent English language test, or Japanese Language Proficiency Test or other equivalent Japanese language test)

j)Certificate of Scholarship (for those who are already selected as a scholarship recipient)

*  English or Japanese translation should be attached if the documents above are written in other languages.
*  Each certificate must be the original.

(3) Submission method

Submit all documents and application fee to Support Office for the fields of International Development and Cooperation by the application deadline above.

4. Method of Screening

Screening will be conducted with documents which you submit. We will send a written notice to successful applicants.

5. Entrance Procedure

Those who have gained acceptance to enter our school must complete all the entrance procedures by the date specified. The followings are the documents to be submitted:

a)Student Information Registration Sheet (学生情報登録シート: use the form supplied)

b)Pledge (誓約書: use the form supplied)

c)Photo ID Card (写真票: use the form supplied)

d)Certificate of Graduation (Completion) and Transcript
(for those who applied prior to actual graduation)

e)Certificate of Residence
(for those living outside Japan at the time of application)

f)Receipt of Entrance fee: 84,600 yen
(Use the supplied form “入学検定料振込依頼書(入金票)” to transfer the entrance fee).

We will give you a specific instruction for entrance procedure after you gain the approval to enter our school.

6. Others

(1)   The application fee, entrance fee, and research fee are non-refundable.

(2)   Those who wish to decline their entrance acceptance should inform Support Office for the fields of International Development and Cooperation as early as possible.

(3)   Research fee: 29,700 yen for every month of research period to be paid by specified date in 6-month installments.
* The research fee may be revised during the course of your study (The amount above is as of July 2018). The amount of fee that you will actually need to pay and the method of the payment will be informed at a later date.

(4)   Those who wish to enter the school premises by car should seek the permission of Support Office for the fields of International Development and Cooperation beforehand.

For more information write to:

Support Office for the fields of International Development and Cooperation

Hiroshima University

1-5-1 Kagamiyama, Higashi-Hiroshima, Hiroshima, JAPAN, 739-8529

Tel: (082) 424-4542

E-mail : koku-gaku (at)