Key Features of Education at IDEC

Education Programs in English

At IDEC, we believe it is important to develop international professionals capable of writing academic articles and reports, communicating and conversing in English. Therefore, most lectures and seminars are provided in English, and our well-organized curricula enable students to receive degrees through courses in English.

Systematic and Interdisciplinary Curriculum

IDEC offers a systematic and interdisciplinary curriculum to produce specialists who can contribute to international development and cooperation in ways that cut across established academic disciplines. IDEC offers integrated education and research programs in economic development, international affairs, cultural dynamics, engineering, biology, peace studies, educational development, regional studies, Asian cultures and interdisciplinary programs to develop global perspectives.

Wide Range of Educational Opportunities

Degree programs can be shortened—obtaining a master’s degree in one year or doctoral degree in two years is possible for students with outstanding academic achievements. People aged 60 years or older are encouraged to apply under the provisions for “special selection for senior citizens.”