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Curriculums for understanding data contents

Data Science Course


Data Science Course offers students data analysis and statistics-related subjects as well as knowledge and skills leading to high-level problem solution based on data.

For tackling issues of global concern including climate change and radioactive disasters as well as processing and application of big data including genome sequence, consumer behavior and pattern analysis, an area-specific approach is no longer adequate. Understanding social needs and concerns from an interdisciplinary and multi-layered approach to find solutions is important. The course develops human resources with a broad international outlook who can sufficiently understand the intrinsic utility of data science for various fields, fully equipped with science-based logical thinking, analysis and communication competencies.

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Multivariable analysis (core subject)

Multivariable analysis is a statistical methodology to analyze causal relationships and the internal structure of data of inter-related observation categories (multi-variables). This class offers methodologies for multivariable analysis and its mathematical base, as well as practices of analytical methods using actual data.

Behaviormetrics (specialized subject)

Behaviormetrics is an academic study for methodologies for measurement and analysis of human behavior. Students study experimental planning methods, behavioral data collection methods and statistical analysis necessary for scientific analysis of human behavior. In this class, students are expected to gain a basic understanding of behaviormetrics and learn data analysis methods using statistical software.

Curriculum for understanding data processing technology

Informatics Course


Informatics course offers students knowledge and technologies for managing,processing and analyzing complicated, large volumes of information in an appropriate and efficient way.

Advanced technologies for processing data, such as big data, deep learning, artificial intelligence and IoT (Internet of Things), as well as needs for these technologies are growing at a fast pace. This course offers students with subjects including software, hardware, network, database, system configuration/development for computers which serve as the foundation of today's advanced information-oriented society, and train students to become human assets with problem solution capabilities informed by abundant knowledge in information processing technologies.

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Database (core subject)

This subject provides an opportunity for students to learn methods and significance of reducing various events in the real world into data, relational models as a standard database model, and database theories based on such model. Students also learn practical use of databases through computer-based practices.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning (specialized subject)

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning play important roles in face capturing by digital cameras and automated car driving. A process for artificial study of prediction models as well as knowledge and insight based on data and experience is called "machine learning." AI is a series of prediction models as well as knowledge and insight derived from machine learning. In this class, students learn basic machine learning and the application of machine learning to AIs.