(December 17) Genomics Seminar

Cutting-edge genomics topics for dry and wet researchers.

Date & Time

Friday, 17th December, 2021  14:00 - 16:00


MIRAI CREA (2nd floor, Main conference room)


  1.  Chung-Chau HON (Team Leader, RIKEN Yokohama)
    "Building an Atlas of Transcribed Cis-Regulatory Elements in Single-cells"
  2. Ramzan UMAROV (Postdoctoral fellow, Hiroshima University)
    "Assessing the Effects of DNA Sequences on Gene Expression using Deep Learning"
  3. Jordan RAMILOWSKI (Associate Professor, Yokohama City University)
    "Uncovering Cell-to-Cell Communications with Network Analysis Tools"
  4. Manli YANG (Postdoctoral fellow, Hiroshima University)
    "Heterogeneity of Gene Regulatory Networks in Acute Myeloid Leukemia"

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