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Institutional Research Consortium of Universities

The joint IR system is developed to extract and visualize the specialty of faculty members, and a common indicator in regard to education/research achievements is decided upon by the collaborating universities in the Chugoku and Shikoku regions. This cooperative effort enables the sharing and overall increased mobility of human resources amongst the universities. Furthermore, it also enables the fulfillment of various social needs, and the promotion of the industry academia co-creation. This overall endeavor will lead to the standardization of the common indicator and the possibility of future nation-wide expansion from the Chugoku and Shikoku regions. 

Common Key Performance Indicator (CKPI®)

A CKPI® which enables the standardization of the education/research achievements’ monitoring and effort management of faculty members has been developed and is currently operational. This enables the utilization of a Cross-Appointment System which is able to be applied for not only research but education as well.

Extraction and visualization of the specialty of faculty members

Through extracting and visualizing of the specialty in teaching/research/social contribution of faculty members and researchers, the universities are able to appropriately conduct human resource deployment to respond to social needs and fulfill any support request from corporations. Furthermore, they can support the launch of new research projects or reinforce any existing projects.


Strengthening of each university’s IR structure

By conducting a coordinated operation of these mechanisms, universities also aim to build upon the capacity of the faculty and staff members of each university, who work within the strengthening of the IR structure and the Consortium.

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