Student Life

Student-support system

There is a student loan and scholarship system with selections of candidates with excellent academic grades and candidates who have difficulty studying for financial reasons.

Scholarship information (Japan Students Service Organization, local foundations)

Office of International Students (scholarships for international students)


Students’ Voices

○The Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering at Hiroshima University is a great place because you can attend first-class lectures by the excellent teachers there and conduct extensive research until late at night in the vast campus. There are a lot of chances to communicate in English because a lot of international students are registered there. Furthermore, although this is only my own personal observation, it is wonderful that the school cafeteria menu has been improved—it’s really delicious! Research-wise, you can find what you want because there are three libraries on campus.

○When researching, you are requested to access wide knowledge that is not part of your specialized field. However, you can learn what you need from specialists since Hiroshima University is an integrated university. There is an enhanced library on campus, which is a big help for studying. Moreover, you can learn the situation of your specialized field and hear the content of research from other universities and gain precious lessons, because there are many opportunities to participate in academic societies. I think students at this university can lead a meaningful school life.

○At the graduate school, there are classes as well as faculty time. For example, I participate in lectures in the morning and research in the afternoon. The lecture contains a lot of interesting contents. Regarding research, I conduct various experiments for my research every day. You feel a sense of accomplishment because of the result you get from your effort. If you announce your study results at an academic society, you can acquire the ability to make presentations in front of others and gain confidence.

○The knowledge you learn at Hiroshima University is very useful for current research because at the Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering, present and future problems are actively considered. When actually conducting research, sometimes the expected results don’t materialize, or the experiment doesn’t go well. However, you get indescribable pleasure when you make a new discovery through discussion with your supervisor. Moreover, I think that it gives you good experience for the future because there are a lot of occasions to present our efforts at an academic society.

○At the graduate school, I participate in lectures in the mornings, and I do my research and participate in colloquia in the afternoons. The lectures are useful for the future because they can deepen the knowledge we learn in the faculty. I’m continuing my research theme for a graduation thesis. It is not easy to research while also attending lectures, but I think I can spend a fulfilling life here.

○I think that life at the graduate school is very busy but I can spend a fulfilling life here. You can obtain cutting-edge research because there are a lot of chances to participate in academic societies. Moreover, because of the abundant nature on campus you can feel the changes of the seasons very keenly while focusing on your research. I feel my time at graduate school will prove to have been a precious one when I’m older.

○I belong to the Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering. Here, we study very wide fields like materials, energy, design, control, and so on. Therefore, lectures are given on a wide variety of fields. Though the term and other examinations are tough you can actually feel your own growth when you’ve finished them. I recommend studying here to people who like to create things with friends.

○Laboratory life is serious, but you can gain a lot of knowledge. Conducting research is interesting and becomes a very valuable and significant experience, and can enhance your own ability. Moreover, communication with fellow students and seniors, and juniors in the same laboratory are very fulfilling. I think that the two years spent at the graduate school will prove to be a very precious time in life.