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About Organization for Research Promotion

The Organization for Research Promotion comprehensively manages Hiroshima University's research activities in order to ensure its further development as a research university. For this purpose, the organization designates talented researchers and remarkable research topics and provides them with intensive support as part of its approach to creating unique research centers at the university. Additionally, the organization aims to develop a state-of-the-art research environment where researchers can focus on their research activities.

The President of Hiroshima University leads the Organization for Research Promotion, which is a university-wide unit. The organization is engaged in the following duties:

  • developing university research strategies
  • designating talented professors and junior researchers working on remarkable research topics
  • connecting talented academic professionals so they can develop significant research fields, and formulating a support system for their research activities
  • publicizing research outcomes and developing areas for application
  • conducting evaluations and providing recommendations concerning research
  • promoting fundamental and basic research