The DP / DR Program

On February 1, 2013, Hiroshima University established two new programs: the "Distinguished Professors" (DP) program and the "Distinguished Researchers" (DR) program. Individuals who are part of these programs are recognized as senior and junior faculty members respectively, who are engaged in extraordinarily distinguished research activities.

The DPs and DRs are selected based on objective evidence such as the Impact Factor (IF) of their published papers, their acquisition of external funds, and academic awards received in recognition of their outstanding accomplishments.

If they wish for supportive measures to help them secure adequate time for research, the DPs and DRs can enjoy an exemption or reduction in instructional, academic, and managerial duties; gain priority in the distribution of research spaces; and acquire support from University Research Administrator (URA) - like staff.

The DP Program

The DP program established at Hiroshima University believes that active research activities by individual researchers are essential for the "formation of unique Centers of Excellence in research." Therefore, in order to secure outstanding human resources and systematically provide appropriate support for research, the university selects extraordinarily distinguished professors engaged in research so as to offer them institutional priority.

The DR Program

The DR program has been established to recognize junior, distinguished faculty members who are expected to become DPs in the future; this enables the university to ensure the existence of an environment where these faculty members can devote themselves to their research.