Disease Model

Prof. Osamu Kaminuma

【Research Keyword】
Experimental animals, Immunology, Genetic modification, Somatic cell cloning, Artificial chromosome, T cell, Allergy

【Recent highlights】
We successfully generated cloned mice from CD4+ T cells expressing T cell receptor (TCR) reactive to a major allergen, house dust mite, for the first time (EMBO Rep, 18:885, 2017). They are not GMO, can be established within 2 months, and develop allergic inflammation within 3 days. Several characteristic mice and cells can be generated from the cloned mice. Our cloned mice technology may provide the breakthrough in immunological and radiological research.

【Department of Disease Model】 

Name Title
Osamu Kaminuma Professor
Nariaki Fujimoto Associate Professor

We provide graduate students the opportunity to conduct research on specific topics related to genetically-engineered mice.

We are generating animal models for research in radiation effects by using novel genetic modification and somatic cell clone technologies. We are elucidating cellular and molecular mechanisms and developing novel diagnostic and therapeutic methods for allergic and immunological diseases.
 1) Generation and application of novel T cell cloned mice
 2) Generation and analysis of cloned mice from irradiated cells
 3) Development and analysis of human disease model animals
 4) Investigation into antigen-specific hypersensitivity
 5) Development of novel therapy for allergic diseases by using genetically modified rice
 6) Mechanisms of allergen-specific immunotherapy