Experimental Oncology

Prof.(Special Appointment) Kenji Kamiya

【Research Keyword】
Radiation biology, Radiation-induced carcinogenesis, Radiation disaster medicine, Low dose radiation effects

【Recent highlights】
Our laboratory has evaluated the low dose radiation-induced tumor risk by using mouse models susceptible to tumor induction.

【Department of Experimental Oncology】 

Name Title
Kenji Kamiya Professor (Special Appointment)
Megumi Sasatani Associate Professor

The objective of this course is, through a series of lectures and laboratory experiments, to provide students with basic comprehension of radiation effects on cells and tissues and to introduce them to the advanced scientific knowledge of the molecular mechanisms underlying radiation-induced carcinogenesis. In addition to the basis of radiation biology, students will gain insight into the scientific research in the field of low dose radiation effects, as well as radiation-induced health risks - an issue that has increased public anxiety after the Fukushima dai-ichi nuclear power plant accident.

Our graduate students can learn the academic basics of radiation disaster studies, and expect this program to set them on the path to successful careers as experts, confident in their abilities to make a significant contribution to society.

In order to advance our knowledge of the molecular mechanisms of radiation-induced carcinogenesis and to estimate radiation-induced cancer risk, we are conducting studies in genetically-modified animal models (mouse, rat) and cultured cells. Our main tasks can be summarized as follows:
1.To elucidate radiation-induced cancer risk at low doses and low dose rates;
2.To reveal the role of stem cells in radiation carcinogenesis;
3.To develop an animal model susceptible to radiation-induced diseases
4.To analyze cellular response to radiation induced damage following low dose rate radiation exposure.
5.To conduct research in the field of radiation disaster medicine