Genetics and Cell Biology

Prof. Shinya Matsuura

【Research Keyword】
Medical genetics, Chromosome maintenance, Radiosensitivity, Primary cilia, Genome editing, Primary microcephaly

【Recent highlights】
We identified a single nucleotide substitution in an intergenic region upstream of BubR1 gene as a candidate mutation of a rare cancer-prone genetic disorder (PNAS 111, 1461-1466, 2014), and found that BubR1 is essential for primary cilium formation (Cell Reports 10, 664-673, 2015).

【Department of Genetics and Cell Biology】 

Name Title
Shinya Matsuura Professor
Tatsuo Miyamoto Associate Professor
Silvia Natsuko Akutsu Assistant Professor


We give a lecture on human genetics to medical students, a lecture on integrated radiation medical science to postgraduate students, and a lecture to phoenix leading program students.

The purpose of our research group is to identify underlying genes for rare genetic disorders and to elucidate their functions. Following research projects are being carried out.
1.Molecular mechanism of carcinogenesis due to chromosome instability.
2.Molecular and cellular basis of primary microcephaly.
3.Molecular and cellular basis of human ciliopathy.
4.Identification of genetic factors responsible for individual differences in radiosensitivity.