Radiation Biophysics

Prof. Hiroshi Yasuda

【Research Keyword】
radiological protection, dosimetry, radiation measurement, health risk assessment, Fukushima Daiichi accident, UNSCEAR

【Recent highlights】
On 7 December 2017, the RIRBM Seminar titled “Advanced Techniques for Retrospective Dosimetry Applicable to a Radiation Disaster” was held with five world-class experts as lecturers who were well known in the field of radiation dosimetry.

【Department of Radiation Biophysics】 

Name Title
Hiroshi Yasuda Professor
Seiko Hirota Assistant Professor


Radiation has been widely used in our society for medical examination, therapy, etc, while it was known that exposure to a high-level radiation would cause cancer. We need to keep radiation exposure as low as reasonably achievable when using radiation or radionuclides. In this department, you could study about wide-range subjects such as quantities to assess radiation exposure, biological/radiological effects, methods for health risk analyses, techniques for radiation measurement & management, measures for radiological emergency, etc; you would also do researches for solving issues related to those subjects. After doing your best in this department, you would get various skills to use & manage radiation and then could work actively in the world as an expert in the field of radiological protection.


  1. Radiation dosimetry and health risk assessment with consideration of individual physiological properties
  2. Determination of radiation doses and health effects of the people affected by the atomic bombs, nuclear testings and nuclear accidents.
  3. Research for radiological protection in the extending living environment such as outer space and in aircraft
  4. Education and research on emergency responses to a nuclear accident and recovery from the combined disaster
  5. Research and development for radiation dosimetry and health risk projections iin radiation therapy and diagnosis
  6. Contribution as expert to the work of international organizations (United Nations, IAEA, WHO, ICRP, etc)

【Photo explanation】 Group photo with the lecturers, students, et al at the Seminar (Kasumi campus, December 2017)