Stem Cell Biology

Prof. Tomonobu Watanabe

【Research Keyword】
Advanced optical imaging technology, induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells), radiation damage prediction

【Recent highlights】
Took up on December 2019. With the world's leading optical imaging technology, we are going to establish radiation damage prediction technology combined with induced pluripotent stem cell techniques.

【Department of Stem Cell Biology 】 

Name Title
Tomonobu Watanabe Professor
Kazuhito Naka Associate Professor
Hideaki FUJITA Assistant Professor

From self-construction of optical microscopes to the usage of to them, we comprehensively teach microscope observations in life science research. Along with this, research guidance will be provided for stem cell research using the above microscopic technique. In addition, we are investigating molecular mechanisms for maintaining hematopoietic stem cells and for developing cancer stem cells post irradiation in vivo. We aim to develop a new strategy to cure patients with hematopoietic insufficiency and the malignancies.


  1. Study on personal differences in radiation effect using advanced optical imaging and induced pluripotent stem cells.
  2. Analysis of radiation effects to the maintenance of self-renewal capacity in hematopoietic stem cells and to development of cancer stem cells in vivo.
  3. Development of advanced optical imaging technology in the field of radiological scientific research.