The cherry blossom tree that Hiroshima University gifted to Orenburg State University is blooming

There was news from Orenburg State University that the cherry blossom trees that Hiroshima University gifted in 2012 has bloomed beautifully again this year.

Pictures can be seen on Orenburg State University’s website. Please take a look.

Orenburg State University Homepage (“Orenburg University Hanami” (May 8, 2015))

[translation (excerpt)]

Japanese people appreciate cherry blossoms by “Hanami”, or cherry blossom viewing. There was an academic agreement between Orenburg University and Hiroshima University; it is now possible for people in Orenburg to enjoy “Hanami” too. In 2012, Hiroshima University’s former President Dr. Toshimasa Asahara gifted Orenburg University with young sakura trees. They were planted in Orenburg University’s botanical garden, and bloomed the following year.

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