The 64th TAOYAKA Program Seminar

TAOYAKA Program is pleased to announce that the 64th TAOYAKA Program Seminar will be held as follows:

■Theme :Structure Health Monitoring

1.(English)Shen-en Chen , University of North Carolina Charlotte: “Holistic approach to structural health monitoring”

2.(Japanese)Hiroshi Matsuda, Nagasaki University: “Efficient and Effective Inspection Method Using Local Resident’s Cooperation and ICT in Infrastructure Maintenance″

3.(English) S. Paul Sumitro, SMARTSENSYS: “Wireless Sensing Technologies – Applications and Prospect”

4.(Japanese)Syuji Umemoto , Keisoku Research Consultant: “Non-destructive and Non-contact Inspection of Concrete Construction “

■ Date : 13:00-17:30, Wednesday, March 2, 2016

■ Venue : Conference Room 1, Faculty Club of Hiroshima University

■ Language: English and Japanese

■ Object Persons : Students and Teachers

■ Contact:Taoyaka Program Technical Creation Office

E-mail: taoyaka-tech-sect{at} Please replace{at}with @.

TEL: 082-424-4597