Message from the Dean

Dean of the Graduate School of Social Sciences

Atsuhiro Taki

We welcome you all to the Graduate School of Social Sciences. Why not devote your valuable time to studying and researching?
The Graduate School of Social Sciences encompasses a wide range of academic fields including Law, Politics, Sociology, Economics, Business Administration, Accounting, and Informatics.  We are open, not only to the graduate students who desire to be a researcher, but also to those who aim to acquire cutting-edge and advanced knowledge required for working in the real world, to the experts who are willing to re-examine the issues encountered at their workplace with an academic point of view, and to anyone who aims to further brush up their professional knowledge obtained in the undergraduate level.  Also, one of our features is that, since there are many international students studying in our graduate school, you can experience international exchange through academic research.
For such candidates with a variety of motivation and purposes, we provide a variety of research courses and admission systems/periods.