Building A Harassment‐Free Campus

To Create An Environment Where People Can Study And Work Comfortably

Aren’t You Suffering In Silence?

Hiroshima University aims to create an environment where everyone can study, conduct research,
and work comfortably and where the personality of each member is respected and the ability of each
member is maximized.

Harassment is detrimental to the rights to study, conduct research, and work safely and comfortably. 
It can affect the victim’s mind and body and can cause a major career move against the victim’s will. 
Victims may become unable to trust people around them or begin to suffer from apathy or anorexia,
which can even lead to leave of absence or withdrawal from university/work.

To prevent harassment and to take prompt and appropriate action when harassment-related problems
arise, Hiroshima University has established “Rules for the Prevention of Harassment at Hiroshima
University”, supports victims, and organizes awareness-raising activities.

What Is Harassment?

Harassment may involve bullying, offensive behavior, denial of a person’s individuality, and an
infringement of a person’s rights, which takes place beyond the boundaries of job description and
an appropriate level of educational and research activities. It can arise between peers or between
people of different status. It can also arise between people who provide education and people who
receive it. 

Harassment includes so-called “sexual harassment”, “power harassment”, “academic harassment”,
 and “moral harassment”.

Harassment includes: physical assault, verbal assault, scolding and abuse, the threatening, ignoring
and ill-treatment of certain people, groundless accusation, throwing tantrums, discriminatory practices,
unwanted conduct of a sexual nature, jokes of a sexual nature, and stalking.

・The reprehension of your boss gradually becomes stronger and s/he repeats statements which
denigrate your individuality: “You are useless.” “Drop dead.” “Jump down from here right now.”
 “You are worthless.” Because of these words, you have become mentally and physically exhausted.
・You have been forced by your professors or seniors to do small jobs for free which, in your opinion,
 are not tasks that students should have to do.
・Your supervisor strongly demands the results of a study from you, and if you cannot produce a
good result s/he shouts at you aggressively and this drives you into a corner.
・Your supervisor tells you, “Women are useless”, “Such a beautiful girl cannot get such good marks”,
or “You must not fall  in love until you get a degree”.
・On your way home from a seminar party, a seminar member or your supervisor offered you a ride.
 But s/he tried to take you to a hotel.
・When you disagreed with your supervisor’s opinion, s/he got into a bad mood and told you that
s/he won’t help to find you a job.
・Someone circulates gossip about you suggesting that you sleep around or that you are going out
with your boss, and you feel uncomfortable about staying at work.
・You are forced to describe your sexual experiences at a party.

What Is The Harassment Consultation Office ?

The Harassment Consultation Office is a facility (Joint Usage Facility on Campus) under direct

supervision of the President which aims to take prompt and appropriate action when harassment
problems involving university members arise.

Professional counselors will find a solution with the victims, protect them from human rights violations
called “harassment”, and support the recovery of rights. They will also conduct activities in the fields
of public relations, education, and research, to deepen understanding of harassment and encourage
prevention of such behavior.

* Every student, pupil, infant and kindergartner, and staff member (including part-time employees
and contract workers) at Hiroshima University has the right to a consultation.
* You can speak on condition of anonymity or through a third person.
* Your privacy will be our first and foremost priority.
* Your own will and intention will be given the top priority.
* You will not be treated unfairly because you have consulted us regarding harassment.
* You can get information on how to solve the problem and what kind of procedure is needed for
the settlement.
* Our staff members include two full-time counselors and outside staff members of both sexes.
* Our basic policy is to respond to a request for a consultation by conducting direct interviews. 
You can request a consultation by calling the Harassment Consultation Office, or sending a FAX,
E-mail, or letter.
* If you wish to have an interview with us, it is advisable to book in advance.

Hiroshima University Harassment Prevention Guidelines

 Harassment Consultation Office

  Basement of the Central Library 1-2-2 Kagamiyama, Higashi-Hiroshima

  (located at the right of the rear of the building when entering from the staff entrance)
Office  Hours: Monday  to  Friday(excluding  public  holidays)10:00-17:00

  (E-mail address exclusively for the consultation)








Kasumi Area Consultation Office

  3rd Floor of Common-use Building 1-2-3 Kasumi, Minami-ku, Hiroshima 

  Office Hours: Monday to Friday  (excluding public holidays)13:00-19:00 
Requests  for  a  consultation  in  the  Kasumi  area  are  arranged  through  the 
Harassment  Consulltation  Office  (on  Higashi-Hiroshima  Campus).