Academic Vision

The Graduate School of Education in Hiroshima University has set forth the objective of establishing a new system for a broad range of educational sciences suitable for the 21st century, based on the key concept of “learning”. Theory and practice will be integrated in this new system, while the study of educational science and the training system for teachers in the 20th century will be re-evaluated.


  1.  Promoting advanced research for a broad range of educational sciences, based on the key concept of “learning”, which, as one of mankind’s essential activities, can lead us to an enriched society of lifelong learning.
  2.  Establishing a pioneer educational system for the 21st century which will accommodate various areas of educational science by integrating theoretical and practical studies.
  3.  Responding to the needs of contemporary society through comprehensive and interdisciplinary studies on a variety of topics pertaining to education, learning and human development for all ages from infants to seniors.


  1.  A modern and diversified educational curriculum which flexibly accommodates students’ needs and responds to changes in society through a large-scale departmental system.
  2.  Comprehensive and interdisciplinary study guidance, along with personal study guidance, which makes the most of each student's individuality through our system of multiple instructors.
  3.  Fostering individuals with breadth of knowledge and advanced expertise who can serve as leaders in the areas of pre-school education, elementary education, secondary education, higher education, and lifelong learning.