Admission Policy

Admission Policy of the Master’s Program

  • Program in Learning and Curriculum Development
    We are seeking graduate students who have a strong motivation and passion to deeply investigate effective support and instruction for better learning, as well as possible solutions for clinical issues on education scientifically and interdisciplinary, in light of diversity in the individuality, characteristics, or disabilities of learners.
  • Program in Curriculum and Instruction Sciences
    We are seeking graduate students who are motivated to take a leading role in secondary and higher education, as well as lifelong learning, with advanced competencies in educational research and practice; especially in teaching and learning about a broad range of sciences and cultures as a foundation for lifelong learning.
  • Program in Teaching Japanese as a Second Language
    We seek graduate students who are willing to actively work as a professional educator on teaching Japanese as a second language, who can take a leading role in domestic and international institutions, or as an educational researcher who can conduct creative and interdisciplinary research in its related disciplines by studying the Japanese language and culture and the process of its learning and understanding.
  • Program in Educational Studies
    We are seeking students who can acquire specialist knowledge and research skills in pedagogy and extend their research activities to the international level. We are also seeking students who have a high aim to become a leading teacher, a person in a school managerial position, or a member of educational administration for the next generation, with prominent knowledge on education and creative managerial philosophy.
  • Program in Psychology
    We are seeking students who have an active interest in themes of the human “mind” in contemporary society and wish to pursue advanced research and expertise on human behavior and psychological processes.
  • Program in Higher Education
    This program seeks applicants who are interested in higher education or university reforms and are motivated to carry out research, management and administration, or other practices involving higher education.

Admission Policy of the Doctoral Program

  • Program in Education and Learning Science
    In the six research fields (Learning and Curriculum Development, Curriculum and Instruction Sciences, Teaching Japanese as a Second Language, Educational Studies, Psychology, and Higher Education) of this program, we are seeking students who have a strong interest and deep understanding in relevant issues on education and are motivated to solve them based on specialist knowledge and skills for creating a brighter future for mankind.