(Effective April 5, 2021) Measures against Novel Coronavirus Infection in Laboratory Activities (Level 1.5)

Manabu Abe in charge of Academic Research and Industry-
            Academia-Government and Community Collaboration

The following is Hiroshima University’s policy on the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) countermeasures in the research activities conducted in each laboratory (partial revision).

(1) Policy

Research Activities in response to Level 1.5 Caution Level:

  • Research activities allowed with the utmost consideration taken to prevent further spread of infection based on the “New Lifestyle”
  • Research activities are recommended to be carried out by students from home

To prevent the spread of Novel Coronavirus, please observe the following precautions.  As long as those are observed, your research activities will not be districted. However, if the level of spreading changes in the future, we will update the policy.

(2) Precautions

Please strictly observe the following precautions. Even if a case of Novel Coronavirus infection is confirmed in the laboratory, these precautions are important to minimize the number of close contacts.

(2-1) You cannot go into the campus in the following cases

  • Those who have been requested to self-isolate for 2 weeks after returning from / entering into Japan or after being determined to be a close contact by the public health center cannot go to university during the self-isolating period.
  • Those who have one of the following symptoms: a fever of 37.5 degrees or a fever one degree higher than normal, fatigue, cough, short breath, sore throat, headache, and loss of smell / taste; must stay home. The waiting period is 8 days after the symptom appears and 3 days after the symptom disappears without taking the medicine.
    *Students in the Kasumi area who are conducting clinical training will follow the standards of the hospital staff of the training destination, and the staff working at the hospital will follow the current practice.
  • When students and faculty members travel to and from the areas subject to the "priority measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19", they will be required to self-quarantine for 15 days once they return to/arrive in Hiroshima Prefecture from the subject area, including the day in which they return/arrive.
    If, after 5 days of self-quarantine from the day following the return/arrival (6 days of self-quarantine in total) without any symptom, a PCR test is undertaken and a negative result is established, the self-quarantine requirement will no longer be necessary.

(2-2) Precautions in laboratory activities

  1.  Work at home wherever possible.
  2.  Always use a mask in the laboratory and encourage hand washing.
  3.  Please keep a record of entering and leaving the laboratory every day.
    ・Please keep a record of all the personnel entering and leaving the laboratory.
    ・If a person with onset is reported, such record will be necessary to identify the persons with
       close contact.
  4.  Be sure to record your daily health condition (body temperature / physical condition) on the
     "A Health Status Confirmation Questionnaire / Movements Record Sheets".
  5.  In the laboratory, ensure the environment that avoids three C’s "Confined spaces, crowded
     places and close contact with people" for a long time.
    ・When conducting a seminar, please open the windows for ventilation.
    ・If the seminar takes long, take a break every hour for rest and ventilation.
    ・Please use ICT and maximize use of remote conferences.
    ・Avoid sitting face to face in the laboratory / room, and take a seat at intervals of at least 1 m,
       preferably 2 m.
    ・In the laboratory, please work at intervals of at least 1 m, preferably 2 m and ensure frequent
    ・In the laboratory where ventilation is not sufficient, stay in the laboratory as short as possible
       and keep conversation to the minimum.
    ・When eating and drinking in a room, please do not face each other and leave a space.
    ・Keep common equipment and furniture clean by disinfecting or wiping.
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