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If you have a fever or cold symptoms, seek consultation immediately
If you have any cold symptoms such as fever or malaise, please consult your doctor/medical institution. 

[For HU members] About daily self-monitoring, the onset of symptoms, mental health, etc. 
Please visit the Health Service Center's Website

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Response to COVID-19’s downgrade to "common infectious disease"

Hiroshima University has lifted its activity restrictions index for preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus as of May 8, 2023, in response to the reclassification of COVID-19 as a "Class 5 infectious disease."

Based on notifications from the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare (MHLW), the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), and Hiroshima Prefecture, HU will take the following measures from May 8, 2023. Regarding the university hospital, the response will be based on the hospital's established criteria.

  1. Infection control measures
    Regarding basic infection prevention measures in daily life, it is generally left to individuals to use their own judgment. As part of these measures, hand hygiene such as hand washing and ventilation are still considered effective ways to prevent infection, as recommended by MHLW and MEXT.
  2. Implementation of student-focused education and support 
    Classes will combine the benefits of both in-person and online teaching. For students with underlying medical conditions or other circumstances, HU will provide individualized support based on each student's situation.
  3. Response in the event of infection with COVID-19
    1) Period of absence for students (same for faculty and staff)
    5 days after the onset of symptoms and 24 hours after the symptoms disappear completely.
    *Starting from day 0, which is the day symptoms appear, refrain from going out for 5 days. If asymptomatic, consider the testing date as day 0.
    *For classes, the professor in charge will provide alternative measures, such as online or make-up classes, to minimize any disadvantages to the absent student as much as possible.
    2) Consideration for those around you
    Until 10 days have passed, wear a non-woven mask and avoid contact with high-risk individuals such as the elderly due to the possibility of viral shedding.
    3) Handling of close contacts
    Public health centers generally do not trace the close contacts of COVID-19 patients, so there is no requirement to stay home based on the Infectious Diseases Control Law. However, if you experience any changes in your physical condition, please refrain from coming to the university. 
    4) If a household member contracts COVID-19
    Starting from day 0, which is the day symptoms appear, monitor your health closely for at least 5 days. Since symptoms can appear up to day 7, take precautions such as wearing a non-woven mask and avoiding contact with high-risk individuals such as the elderly.
    5) If infected
    Just like with seasonal influenza, if you become infected with COVID-19, report your infection to the Health Service Center (by submitting a report online).
  4. Measures taken by HU’s affiliated schools
    Appropriate actions will be taken as necessary based on the "Public Health Management Manual for COVID-19 in Schools (from May 8, 2023)" and the "Guidelines for Countermeasures in the Case Where COVID-19 Infection of Students, Teachers, or Staff is Confirmed at the Schools (Revised in May 2023)" issued by MEXT.