To international students living abroad

We will keep the information updated related to Hiroshima University’s measures for COVID-19.

1. New students who cannot come to Japan 

The following are the information for new students admitted to HU but cannot enter Japan.

1. Orientation for new international students

 April on-campus orientation for new international students will not be held due to concerns over COVID-19. Alternatively, orientation video will be provided via online for new students. The content of the orientation is also available onMomiji (HU’s student portal).


2. Online courses

For online class schedules, please check the URL below.

To check the delivery method (online or face-to-face) of classes to be held in 1st term, please refer to the URL below. 

3. HU services available online

The following services are available online:

4. Scholarships

Student support group contact MEXT scholars individually.
For other scholarship information, please check HU’s student portal: Momiji.

Momiji (On-campus portal) Scholarships for private students

2. Current HU students who cannot come back to Japan

The following are the information for current students who are abroad and cannot re-enter Japan.

Please be sure to contact your supervisor and the student support office of your school/graduate school if you have not done so already. When your return date to Japan has been decided, please inform the student support office of your school/graduate school immediately.

1. Classes

Find information about class start date from the URL below.

Check delivery method (online/in-person) of classes to be held in 1st term from the URL below. 

2. Contact Information

Find contact information of schools/graduate schools from the following URL. 


3. Procedures for returning to Japan or coming to Japan

It is very important to confirm the detailed restrictions before booking flights or travelling to Japan.

When you returning or coming to Japan, please take necessary procedures based on “Hiroshima University’s measures to prevent the spread of Novel Coronavirus” 

3-1.Entry restrictions

Based on Japan’s border control measures related to COVID-19, those who have travel history to countries/regions subjected to refusal of landing in the 14 days prior to their arrival to Japan cannot enter Japan.

(Countries/regions subjected to denial of landing(Ministry of Justice’s website)

3-2.Movement restrictions after entering Japan

If you have visited any of areas subject to strengthened quarantine or the epidemic areas designated by immigration restrictions, be sure to stay at a place designated by the Chief of the Quarantine Station, such as your homes and hotels for 14 days counting from the day after arrival even without symptoms of illness. Please note that you are required not to use any public transportations such as trains, buses, taxis, or domestic flights.

(Areas subject to strengthened quarantine(Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare)Q&A)

Transport by private car, rental car, and hired car that meets the criteria is allowed. Below is the information provided by Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare regarding car hire company and travel agency that can arrange cars that meet the criteria.

Please refer the URL below for details.

<Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare’s website: Border control>

○Car hire companies and travel agencies that can arrange cars meet the criteria


3-3.To returnees and visitors from countries/regions to which MOFA has issued “Infectious Disease Warning Information” Level 2 or higher

(1)If you have had a history of staying in countries/regions to which Infectious Disease Warning Information Level 2 or higher has been issued in the last 14 days, please make sure to report your case to HU by filling in the webform below.

(2)To returnees and visitors from countries/ regions to which MOFA has issued "Infectious Disease Warning Information Level 2, For the next two weeks after returning or entering Japan, avoid non-essential outings and crowds, and always wear a mask when you need to go out. Please check your health status every day for the next two weeks (daily temperature, presence of any respiratory symptoms, etc.). If you have a fever or experience respiratory symptoms consult a medical office immediately.

(3)To returnees and visitors from countries/regions to which MOFA has issued “Infectious Disease Warning Information” Level 3 (or higher), or have come into close contact with someone who has been confirmed to be a novel coronavirus case.

When returning to or entering Japan, you are required to report the place of stay and health to the quarantine officer concerned; if you have stayed in countries/regions to which Infectious Disease Warning Information Level 3 or higher has been issued, within 14 days of your return to Japan, please take appropriate actions in accordance with the advice from the quarantine officer.

After returning to or entering Japan, please refrain from going out and stay at home for the next two weeks. Please check your physical conditions every day during that period (daily temperature, presence of any respiratory symptoms, etc.). If you experience symptoms such as fever or cough, do not visit a medical office, but contact the nearest novel coronavirus help desk (Public Health Center, below) and follow their advice (e.g. always wearing a mask). Also, please report this to your department or school and the Health Service Center at HU.

(*) Close Contact

People who meet the following definitions are deemed to be as such:

  • Those who have lived with or who have come into close contact with a person suspected of having the novel coronavirus infection, or those who have been exposed to a person with the coronavirus for a long time while onboard (a car, bus, or an aircraft, etc.).
  • Those professionals who have consulted with, or nursed for, or given care for the patients suspected of the new coronavirus infection, with no special protection such as protective clothing.
  • Those who are very likely to have come into direct contact with the respiratory tract secretions or body fluids of the persons suspected of the novel coronavirus infections.

4. Extension of the period of validity of Certificates of Eligibility (CoE)

Immigration Services Agency of Japan announced that the Certificate of Eligibility that is normally valid for “3 months” will be treated as valid for “6 months” for the time being. With this treatment, you will be able to use the Certificate of Eligibility of within six months for visa applications and landing applications.

Ministry of Justice: Regarding the period of validity of the Certificate of Eligibility in relation to the effects of the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

4. Mental and physical health consultation

Health Service Center offers information on website.

Health Service Center:

Contact Information

  • Physical Health (Physician)  health*
  • Mental Health (Psychiatrist)  mental*
  • Student counseling  (Counselor)  rcounsel*    (Please convert "*" to "@“) 

5. Other helpful information

[General Inquiries]
Global Initiatives Group, Department of International Affairs

TEL: 082-424-6184
E-mail: kokusai-sien*